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Strategies for influencing your business partners

Have you found yourself thinking the following after a making a proposal or recommendation to a team or business partner:

  • My design/method/analysis is much better but no one will support it!
  • The facts in my proposal speak for themselves. Why can’t they see it?
  • It’s obvious that this approach is superior. Why can’t I convince them?

As statisticians we are logical thinkers and understand the numbers and facts. Yet, we can struggle to convince our study teams, governance boards or management to act accordingly. Influence and persuading others can be challenging, frustrating and draining.  On many occasions, it’s simply not enough to be right!


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In this free webinar, Gary and Alexander provide some insights into why “being right” can fall short in convincing others.  We give you actionable advice on:

  • Techniques for influencing others – both before and during the meeting
  • Persuasive communication that builds on technical arguments and facts 
  • Ways to become a more trusted strategic partner in your cross-functional teams

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