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This podcast is run in association with PSI

Learning and following up on the topics in our podcast will help you to become more effective at work through:

  • Learning about ongoing methodological discussions
  • Applying better statistical methods
  • Building competency
  • Becoming a leader (with or without an administrative title)
  • Influencing without authority
  • Building your brand
  • Getting the right things done effectively
  • Collaborating effectively within and across companies/organizations

We will not cover advanced programming skills and news, just for sharing them. While we will talk about upcoming events, we will always focus on the content to make the podcast episodes as valuable as possible.

Previous Episodes

The 4+1 Phases of Learning

In this episode, we merge the worlds of statistics, leadership, and personal growth. I am eager to navigate the “4+1 phases of learning” with you today. This topic, central to

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Global vs Local

Have you ever wondered about the complexities that arise within pharmaceutical companies due to the division between global and local operations? Why do these realms often operate with such distinct

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Obsession About Bias

Have you ever considered that bias might not be as detrimental as it’s often portrayed? What if the quest for precision in your estimates could actually benefit from a careful

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Aspects of Placebo Response

Have you ever wondered what factors drive the placebo response in clinical trials? Join me today as we uncover the truth behind placebo responses and explore the fascinating factors driving

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Join The Effective Statistician LinkedIn group

This group was set up to help each other to become more effective statisticians. We’ll run challenges in this group, e.g. around writing abstracts for conferences or other projects. I’ll also post into this group further content.

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Do you want to boost your career as a statistician in the health sector? Our podcast helps you to achieve this by teaching you relevant knowledge about all the different aspects of becoming a more effective statistician.

This podcast is run in association with PSI

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