Become Convincing – The Effective Statistician and Data Scientist Leadership Community

Do you want to improve your influencing skills to get your ideas across and acted on?
Do you want to increase your confidence when speaking in meetings, larger groups or to senior management?
Do you have little time to invest in learning?

Then I have something for you.

In the past, I only offered The Effective Statistician Leadership program – a 5-months hybrid course – which has helped hundreds of statisticians to improve their leadership skills. However, many don’t have time for this course requiring about 1-2 hours per week or don’t get the support by their management to enrol.

If you belong to this group, I want to help you with The Effective Statistician And Data Scientist Leadership Community.

I want to help you increase your leadership skills while not overwhelming you or getting you into discussions about training budget with your supervisor.

That’s why I started this community.

As a member, you will get:

  • A weekly short 10 to 15 minute video to learn about leadership understanding and skills
  • Access to one-hour community zoom calls twice a month (9pm CET and 5pm CET) to discuss about your leadership journey
  • Any new features added in the future to improve your leadership skills.

I’ve thought a lot about the price and initially had €39 per month in mind. But this creates a large hurdle. I thought about €29 and €19 monthly. But I wanted this to be so easy that statisticians and data scientists don’t think twice.

That’s why I’m offering this for only
8.99€+VAT per month.

And to make it completely safe for you, you have a 30-day-money back guarantee.

What will be the topics, I will speak about? You will learn about

  • What leadership is, and why it has nothing to do with your title or the number of direct reports
  • What role communication plays and how you can become a master communicator
  • How to build trust and create networks that help you to lead effectively across the organisation
  • How to manage conflict effectively
  • How to lead teams even if they don’t report to you
  • How you improve your leadership every day without working more

Don’t let another week pass by where you don’t invest in how to convince others about your ideas. Your work is too important to not have the effect it deserves.

Be more than productive! Be an effective statistician or data scientist!

Become a member of The Effective Statistician and Data Scientist Leadership Community.

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