Winning with Words and Graphs: The Effective Statistician presentation and data visualization masterclass

As statisticians and data scientists we regularly need to communicate data-related information including analysis results, study designs, and new methods. These presentations often resemble the flow of a technical report using a “table of contents” approach that may be informative but often fails to engage with the audience truly and may not inspire them to act on our ideas.  Shouldn’t that be the goal of your presentations – to provoke a reaction? 

Even if you are sharing a summary of analysis results, you should ask yourself “what do I want the audience to be thinking when they leave the room” and strive to deliver a presentation that powerfully and convincingly conveys that message.

That’s exactly what this course will help you do with your presentations!


In this online, on-demand program, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of preparing and delivering an engaging, impactful presentation including the five questions you need to answer for ANY presentation (and the one you should avoid)
  • Understand the three keys to creating powerful, clear visuals and be aware of the most common mistakes
  • Hear real industry examples and experiences that demonstrate and reinforce key presentation and visualization concepts
  • Improve one of your own presentations (past or current) that will serve as an application of these tools and concepts

Who should take this course?

Any statistician or data scientist – technical or administrative – who wants to influence collaborators or decision-makers via a presentation.  Presentation skills are part of the bigger toolbox of leadership skills. 

We define leadership as the ability to consistently deliver value to your organization by persuading others to act on your ideas.  What is a critical means by which we try to persuade and influence people?  Yes, through presentations.  And what is a big part of most presentations made by statisticians and data scientists?  The generation, analysis and/or interpretation of data. 

What does the course include?

  • Over 3 hours of video content … The course begins with presentation fundamentals and then moves on to visualization concepts and practices with examples interspersed
  • Multiple personal assignments/exercises … These are designed to deepen the learning and/or apply/practice the concepts as the participant does through the training
  • Access to resources … The video lectures and the slides are available for re-viewing as many times as the participant wants


For those who register early enough, you will have the opportunity to attend a one-hour open Q&A session on May 3rd at 5pm CET. These provide an opportunity for attendees to ask questions to the instructors and gain additional insights

When can I sign up?

Now!  The materials will be available as soon as you purchase the course. The course is available for only 99€ (+VAT) up to May 15th, 2022. Thereafter, the price increases to 199€ (+VAT).

Who are the instructors?

Alexander Schacht and Gary Sullivan are statisticians and leadership trainers with a combined 50+ years of industry experience.

Alexander Schacht

Alexander is a recognized expert in data visualization skills.  He has organized various conference sessions and given numerous presentations on the topic. Alexander has also developed and taught dozens of data visualization training sessions, and founded the European special interest group on data visualization.

Gary Sullivan

Gary is a recognized leadership specialist and trainer within the statistics profession.  He has provided leadership training & consulting on topics including communication, business acumen, influence and strategy to over 500 statisticians in the US and Europe primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.  Gary has also provided numerous talks, and organized and participated in several panel discussions on leadership in statistics.

Together, Alexander and Gary developed and facilitate The Effective Statistician Leadership Program, a comprehensive, on-line course for leadership development that includes over twenty hours of video training & discussion on six dimensions of leadership.  Over 200 people have taken this training.

I need supervisor approval.  Can you help?

Here are a couple of reasons your supervisor should support you. 

  1. This course is specifically designed for statisticians and data scientists by statisticians who understand their need to present results in an impactful way. The instructors know first-hand what the challenges are and will give practical and relatable advice. 
  2. The better you present to decision-makers and collaborators, the better your team reputation becomes. 
  3. As you apply and demonstrate these concepts, you will raise the bar for other colleagues.  As they learn from you (or as a result of your success), you essentially multiply the success of your course participation.
  4. There are no further travel or accommodation costs included.

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