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Winning with Words and Graphs:

The Effective Statistician presentation and data visualization masterclass

Learn the fundamentals of preparing and delivering an engaging, impactful presentation, including the five questions you need to answer for ANY presentation (and the one you should avoid). Understand the three keys to creating powerful, clear visuals and be aware of the most common mistakes.


The Effective Statistician Leadership Program

We designed this program for statisticians and data scientist to strengthen your leadership skills so you can maximize your impact at work even if you don’t have direct reports.


Webinar: How to influence in a post-COVID era

As statisticians and data scientists, we often find ourselves trying to convince others to act on our ideas or intentions. We want to implement new ways of designing or analyzing studies. We aim to improve processes or increase quality. Or maybe we just want to get a seat at the table, convince our management we deserve a promotion or demonstrate we are qualified to take on a new role.


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