10 reasons to submit a poster for the PSI conference!

This year’s PSI conference will be face to face again.

I’m really excited for this. This is the best conference for statisticians that you can attend.

If you are working in health care industry, there is no other conference like this. Attend this conference and meet friends and create new social connections! And you submitting a poster for the conference would be best!

Today, I am sharing with you the 10 reasons to submit a poster for the PSI conference:

  1. Give back to the community on your experience
  2. Increase your visibility within your company
  3. Increase your visibility outside your company
  4. Improve your CV
  5. Improve your expert status
  6. Get an additional reason for attending the conference
  7. Get in touch with others at the conference
  8. Get feedback on your work to potentially write a corresponding paper
  9. Get to do the 1-minute pitch for your poster
  10. Improve your communication skills

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Alexander: You’re listening to The Effective Statistician podcasts, the Weekly Podcasts with Alexander Schacht, Benjamin Piske and Sam Gardener designed to help you reach your potential, lead great signs and serve patients without becoming overwhelmed by work. Today,I’m talking about 10 reasons why you should submit a poster for this year’s PSI conference. And now, some music. 

This year’s PSI conference will be face to face again. ‘Yeah, find me, we’re going to meet in Gothenburg, fingers crossed that nothing else changes. But just recently, the board of directors of PSI met and confirmed. They are going forward with planning for a face-to-face conference. I’m really excited about this. I’ll be there for sure. For me, it is the best conference for institutions in our industry that you can attend. So if you’re working in healthcare, there is no other conference that is like the PSI conference. Not only from a kind of fun part, meeting friends, making new connections, having outstanding kinds of social events.

I really recommend you already arrive on Sunday because just Sunday evening hanging out with all the other people is just great. It’s really good to get a start into the conference. And then Monday evening is nice and Tuesday, gala dinner is a must-attend. Really good, always pretty long with lots of dancing and at the end. Actually, the conference starts a little bit later on Wednesday, because over the years people have seen that well, showing up early after the gala dinner is maybe an unreasonable exemption. So it’s really really good. But it’s not only good from a social aspect and actually, you know, networking especially now in the time of the pandemic and everybody working from home is triple important, but it’s also really good from a content perspective.

 It’s not kind of days and days where you think, ‘where do I go to do? I pick this one or that one? And you search through the agenda and you find an interesting topic here and say, ‘Yeah, no’, you’re actually having lots of really high quality speakers. There’s a pretty high competition to become a speaker at the conference and because of that, there is very high quality. So the rejection rate is actually quite high, so the rules, of course, are pretty good. Also the topics are not these Ivory Tower topics, kind of, you know, super niche kind of optimization of that really ever used technique in a very specific situation. No, it’s things that you can really apply, things that are really concerning your day-to-day work. That’s all for one of the reasons why it’s so easy, usually, to get people, get supervisors to agree to attend. 

And here is one thing and that goes directly into the 10 reasons to submit a poster for the conference. Of course, if you submit something, a poster, presentation, or something like this, that has a huge impact on you getting funding for it. So that’s one of the reasons I’ll speak about later. 

But going back to the conference, just head over to psiweb.org, where you will learn about the conference. You can register for the conference. You cannot get all the updates. The agenda is already there. And you’ll see it’s packed with really, really good stuff. Just a couple of things that I want to highlight. I will run together with Launch and Life Cycle SIG, something like a session on Monday morning. There is also a poster session in the afternoon where you have one-minute previews. So each poster presents and gets one minute to present their poster. I’ll definitely recommend going to the keynote events. This will be about Covid-19 coordinated Global Research approaches this year, as well as about master protocol. Very, very important topic. There’s also VIS SIG as I’m heavily involved in presenting at the conference and have a couple of other interesting VIS SIG. The VIS SIG is actually on Wednesday morning at 11:00 a little bit after you have slept from the gala dinner. It’s a really, really nice thing. And always the end of the conference on Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday after lunch is a Regulatory Town Hall where you can speak with regulators, get questions answered and you can submit these questions throughout the conference. So there’s a lot of opportunity to directly get feedback from regulators. So, with that, as a kind of a little bit of an advert for the conference, which is yeah, not really just because I’m a PSI member but it’s just the best conference that I attend. 

So let’s go to the 10 reasons why you should submit a poster for a PSI conference. Of course, if you already have an oral presentation, you don’t need to submit a poster as well. But I think one of the main reasons to do it and that’s number one for me is giving back to the community based on your experience, your learnings. A poster is a really nice way to do so. We all learn from each other. We all have different perspectives on these things. And the poster is a really nice way to do it. 

Reason number two, it increases your visibility within your company because you potentially need to get your poster approved, your abstract approved. You can share with distributed within your company as that potentially within your company, some kind of tenures where that can be shared, newsletters, things like this, that’s really helpful for you to get more exposure in your company, especially in bigger companies. This is really important because if you’re working in an organization with, you know, dozens or maybe hundreds of other statisticians and programmers, getting visibility to your senior management is actually challenging. And if people know you already, know about the quality of your work, know that you’re doing something, that you’re going the extra mile that helps a lot with later promotions. But it also increases your visibility outside of your company. 

That’s point number 3 and visibility outside of your company is for your long-term career success really important. Even if you don’t change your company, this external visibility always is seen as something really important and it gives you further expert status. That is actually reason number five. You increase your authority by doing these things.

 The next reason is improving your CV. Improve your CV. If you apply somewhere, and especially if you’re younger in your career, having some kind of poster, manuscript, these kinds of things on your CV, helps a lot. It shows that you’re not just getting to work but you’re also doing something extra, and I think that always stands out. 

The other reason that I already mentioned earlier. Reason number six, is to get an additional point in your list for attending the conference. If people approve your poster, then they will have a hard time saying no to you attending the conference and sponsoring you for that, so, in terms of hotel, travels, these kinds of things. And by the way, if you have conferences, the best is really to stay at the conference hotel or the hotels that are on the list because then you will already have breakfast. Be able to meet a lot of other people, and that certain additional networking opportunities. 

Reason number seven, is to get in touch with others at the conference. So there’s a reason why the posters are already presented on Monday, the first day of the conference, because that helps to speak to us, to people,  to get in touch with other people, to network with others. Of course, you know, I know that most of us are rather introverted, so we feel a little bit uncomfortable speaking in such a way. But here, kind of, you force yourself a little bit to connect with others and you can, you know, talk about your poster. You can talk about your expertise and that’s a really nice way to learn about other things and just get in touch with others. Increase your network. 

Reason number eight, get feedback on your work to maybe write a corresponding paper about your poster which  is even more valuable and while you discuss for your post that you can get it, additional perspectives. You can find different points. Maybe there’s additional things that you want to highlight or you want to highlight anything in a different way. 

Speaking about this reason, number nine is you get to do the one-minute pitch for your poster. So Monday afternoon is one session and that is, you know, a session means a big auditorium. There’s no other session at a time. So, everybody will be there in the session to hear the one-minute pitches from all the different posters. So you’ll get to do that. 

And that brings me to reason. Number 10, such a poster is a really nice way to improve your communication skills, both on the written form, the poster and also in an oral presentation. If you can write a really good, one-minute pitch and deliver it also really well that will help you for your career because very often, we don’t have 20 minutes, 10 minutes, even five minutes to explain something. You need to craft this one-minute pitch, very well, to attract people for your poster. 

These are the ten reasons. Giving back to the community, increases your visibility within and outside of your company, improves your CV, improves your expert status, get an additional reason for attending the conference, get in touch with us as at a conference, get feedback on your work,do the one-minute pitch and improve your communication skills. 

So see you at the conference and if you see me at the conference reach out to me. Yeah, just say hello. I’m speaking here all the time into a microphone and I don’t see you. I don’t even hear you. So I’m really really happy whenever the listener connects and says, ‘hey I listened to your podcast’. So just chat , have a coffee or in the evening a beer. Yeah, speak about what was on your mind and well, maybe I can help you in the future.

This show, like all the others, was created in association with PSI and thanks to Reine, who helped the show in the background. Thank you for listening. Reach your potential, lead great science and serve patients. Just be an effective statistician. 

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