5 steps to present successfully to upper management about complex stats (and everything else)!

Should we oversimplify statistics, or should managers learn more about statistics?

If you’ve been working as a statistician for a while, you know that you have to keep it simple if you want managers to understand you. Of course, I speak about those managers not being statisticians themselves.

There are a lot of ways to explain statistical concepts to them, but this adds time to the presentation. Sometimes there won’t even be a presentation, and all you have is sending the report via email.

From reading, from my experience, and from talking to other experienced statisticians, I have distilled the knowledge about this challenge into 5 steps.

Listen to this episode and learn about the 5 steps to present successfully to your upper management:

  1. Determine your goal
  2. Think about your audience
  3. Start with the conclusion
  4. Be simple but accurate
  5. Have the stats as backup and explain them in easy terms, focusing on the most important parts.

Train yourself to become a great communicator.

Listen to this episode now and share this with your friends and colleagues!

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