A picture says more than 1000 tables – Interview with Zachary Skrivanek about visual analytics

In this podcast episode, we tackle a difficult topic for a podcast, but Zak provides lots of expertise in this field and will introduce you to what visual analytics is and how it will help you.

Furthermore, we touch on questions like:


  • What is the difference that visual analytics plays in ‘exploring/learning’ and ‘messaging’?
  • Why is visual analytics important? Why should I care?
  • How does the job of a statistician in visual analytics look like?
  • Is visual analytics purely descriptive and exploratory in nature?
  • What does the future of visual analytics in the pharma industry will bring?
  • How can you implement these approaches in your day to day work?
  • What tools are there for beginners, people with decent programming or advanced programming skills?
  • What are the other places to learn more about Visual Analytics? (IEEE VIS: InfoViz, SciViz, and VAST; Flowing Data; Perceptual Edge)
  • What you can expect from Zaks presentation at this years PSI conference in the wednesday morning session “A picture says more than 1000 tables- interactive data review using visual analytics”


About Zachary Skrivanek

Dr. Skrivanek graduated with a Ph.D. in biostatistics from Ohio State University and a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Dr. Skrivanek’s research interests started in genetic linkage analysis. He has published several papers and presented at Joint Statistical Meetings in this area. He developed a software package, Sequential Imputation for Multi Point Linkage Estimation (SIMPLE), to implement the methods that he developed.

He joined Eli Lilly in 2002 where he contributed to the development of Endocrine drugs and related biomarkers in early clinical phase drug development and later transitioned to a product team in late phase clinical development as the lead statistician and developed a novel Bayesian adaptive, seamless phase 2/3 study which selected the doses algorithmically for the entire Phase 3 program for the compound. Dr. Skrivanek heavily leveraged Visual Analytics in his compound work and is currently leading an effort to make Visual Analytics an integral part of drug development at Eli Lilly.

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Dr. Skrivanek is also an adjunct professor at IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) and chair of a lecture series, “Pharmaceutical Statistics”, which is taught as part of the doctoral program in biostatistics at IUPUI.

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