Create Better Data Visualisations

Do you want

  • to tell better data stories?
  • to get your results across faster?
  • to stand out from the crowd with your data visualisation?

Great figures are based on an understanding of the scientific principles of data visualisations. In the interactive workshop “Create better data visualisations” you will learn key concepts of data visualisations and how to apply them.

Irrespective of whether you work with programmers and software specialists or if you create your own data visualisations, this workshop will help you.

You will only need the tools most data visualisation expert use, when sketching figures – coloured pens and paper.

After the workshop, you will understand

  • Important factors to consider when creating data visualisations
  • The process flow of crafting great data visualisations
  • Design principles of data visualisation

I’m restricting this 2.5-hour interactive workshop to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure interactivity and quality.

I have run this workshop now dozens of times and always received great feedback from the participants.

About me:

As a PhD statistician with 20+ years experience, I understand data very deeply. In the area I’m working, I need to communicate complex data to lay and professional audiences via dossiers, presentations, publications, and other material. Data visualisation has always been a big topic of interest and I have invested a lot of time learning and improving my practical skills. I also learned the theory of data visualisation and started the data visualisation special interest group bringing together statisticians across the pharma industry. I organized many sessions, training and presentations around data visualisation. I became well known for my data visualisation skills across the pharma industry.

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