EFSPI Statistical Leaders Meeting in 2021

Interview with Chrissie Fletcher

Over the last years, leaders of statistical organisations across Europe are meeting each year to talk about how the community can be moved forward and other important topics affecting statisticians in the industry. In 2021 was another meeting and I’m talking with Chrissie Fletcher about some of the topics covered during this years meeting. Specifically we talk about:

What has happened in the last 2 years in terms of career development and leadership skills and what will come in the future?

Data Science vs biostatistics?

Which are the areas typical clinical statisticians can learn from data scientists?

Chrissie has an awesome personality. She has a lot of influence in the stats community and she has done lots of different presentations and is actively participating in different organizations. You will surely learn much more about the topics from the stats leadership meeting which is really relevant for you.

Listen to this interesting episode and learn a lot. Share this with your friends and colleagues!

Chrissie Fletcher, MSc., BSs., CStat.
VP Development Statistics, GlaxoSmithKline

Chrissie is the Vice President of Development Statistics at GlaxoSmithKline.  She leads a group of statisticians supporting the development of new and approved medicines in immunology, hepatology/gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular, neuroscience, HIV, global health and infectious disease areas.  Chrissie has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for 30 years and has experience of developing and commercialising new medicines in a variety of clinical disease areas across all phases of clinical development.  She previously worked at Amgen in a variety of leadership roles and began her career working at SmithKline Beecham.

Chrissie is actively engaged in statistical societies, pharmaceutical trade associations and initiatives relating to the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Chrissie is the Chair of PSI, a Council member of EFSPI, and a member of various European and International Special Interest Groups.  Chrissie is a member of the EFPIA Clinical Research Expert Group and is leading the Innovation in Clinical Trials sub team.  Chrissie is the lead EFPIA representative for the ICH E9(R1) Working Group, and she is co-leading an EFPIA/EFSPI estimand implementation working group.

Chrissie is a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).  Chrissie has an MSc in Applied Statistics and a BSc (Hons) in Statistics with Management Science Techniques.

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