Everything to know to write programs like a pro – Interview with Shafi Chowdhury – principles for good programming

Ok – not everything, but in this episode you will get all the tips to make sure, you avoid the most common mistakes and that your code looks professional.

Shafi Chowdhury is an expert programmer who has developed a style guide, which his clients apply broadly. He regularly gives trainings on SAS programming and build his own company based on these skills.

He walks us through the different points and clarifies, why they are important from an efficiency but also from a quality perspective.

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About Shafi Chowdhury

I have over 20 years of experience as a statistical programmer in the Pharma industry. I worked for Pharma companies and CROs across Europe in many different therapeutic areas and in all phases of clinical trials before setting up my own consultancy firm. I believe knowledge should be shared and therefore I am a regular presenter at PhUSE conferences and regularly attend many other conferences including PSI conferences for Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I also provide bespoke training and have a website to allow users to learn just the module they need at that time.

I specialise in reviewing processes and developing standards, tools, templates and macros to improve the expertise of individuals and efficiency of processes. As an independent consultant with all the proven experience behind me, I offer unbiased expert opinions which can be used by management to make their decisions. My aim is always to drive up Quality by Design.

Specialties: Writing SAS programs to check, modify, analyse and report any kind of data. 
Developing client specific template programs and generic macros.
Developing bespoke training programs to produce well rounded programmers within weeks.

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