How to be an effective statistician

You as a statistician work effectively if you get the right things done in the right way at the right time. A statistician needs to exhibit strengths in four different areas to be effective:

1) leadership consisting of self-leadership as well as influencing others. Leadership behaviors include driving projects proactively, having the overall goal in mind, communicating clearly, enabling smooth collaborations, and effectively delegating tasks.

2) innovation in analyses and processes. Innovators challenge the status quo, see areas for improvement and implement solutions, and keep up-to-date with relevant statistical knowledge and apply it to solve real problems.

3) knowledge about the data and the business environment. Knowledge comprises an understanding of how your work contributes to the bigger picture, business acumen, a solid understanding of many general statistical approaches, and decent programming skills.

4) excellence in efficiency and quality. Excellence is exhibited by the ability to focus on details, capability of achieving high quality over an extended period of time, and delivery of quality results with minimal time and resources.

This paper provides instructions for personal improvement in these four dimensions. Download it now.

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