CALC Episode 1: From Molecule to Patient: The Statistician’s Role in Developing New Medicines

The Drug Development Process

How do we develop new medicines to treat nasty and debilitating diseases? 

It all starts by discovering a novel target molecule in the lab. Fast forward 12 years and an average expenditure of 1.5 billion dollars we hopefully get the thumbs up from health authority bodies to license the medicine for public use.

So we skipped a lot of important steps there.  The journey for developing new medicines is extremely lengthy and complicated.  Fortunately, you can listen to this podcast and learn about all the important stuff relevant to statisticians in just 20 minutes!

As statisticians we contribute to all aspects of drug development. Having knowledge of the process from start to finish is important, as it will help you understand why statistics is an essential and relied upon toolkit in this industry.

Specifically, we’ll talk about…

  • The drug development process – an overview
  • Where and why statisticians add value in the process
  • Who do statisticians work with?

[Alexander’s interview with: Amanda Darekar and Jessica Kendall. ]

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