Help to make your organisation and yourself outsourcing proof

A lot of statisticians, especially in pharmaceutical companies but also CROs, fear outsourcing because it might make their job redundant. Think about:

What can you do about it?
How can you add value to your organisation?
What would it cost to outsource your organisation?
If you would need to compete with other organisations, would you survive?
If you think of yourself as your own organisation – can you make yourself outsourcing proof?

In this episode, Benjamin and I will be talking about these tips and tricks:

  • What are the things, that are done better, faster and cheaper by others?
  • Does your supervisor know about your value? Do you help him or her to understand this?
  • Would your business partners care, if you would be replaced by a statistician at a different company or maybe even by a statistician within your organisation? Would they even notice? Might they even be better off?

Listen to this interview and share it with others, who might learn from it!

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