Helping statisticians having a bigger role

Interview with Andy Grieve

Do you want to have a bigger impact?
Would you like to play a bigger role?
Did you have a moment in your career, where you thought you as a statistician felt being put in a box or labeled in such a way that limits your influence?

Today’s interview is surely beneficial to every statistician – both early and later in their career as Andy Grieve shares from his wealth of experience across the industry and academia working in senior roles.

We specifically talk about the following points:

  • When did you realize for yourself, that statisticians should and can play a bigger role?
  • How would the health sector look like, if statisticians would have considerably more influence – e.g. if all the pharma companies would have something like a chief statistical officer?
  • What are the factors, that play in favor of statisticians gaining more influence?
  • What do you see as the biggest barriers for statisticians gaining more influence?
  • What would you recommend to other statisticians to achieve a bigger influence?
  • Do you have different recommendations for statisticians earlier or later in the career?

Listen to this interview and be an effective statistician!

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