How to get the most out of a virtual conference

As the pandemic continues to affect the community’s ability to meet in-person, virtual conferences adapt and develop to create space for companies.

Now, there is much more emphasis on virtual settings, and there are many new tools available to improve the virtual conference experience.

Join us while we talk about the following points:

  • Different styles of virtual conferences
    • Just recorded sessions 
    • Interactive sessions 
    • Community events
  • Get familiar with the software and the app if applicable 
    • Use the chat functionality intentionally
  • Know the conference details
    • Who’s attending 
    • Who’s there to talk to 
    • Any profile to set up?
    • Make sure it’s great 
  • Taking electronic notes for
    • Post beyond the conference on social media 
    • Share learnings with your colleagues 
    • Praise your favourite speakers on social media and share your key take away and include an open question to trigger further discussions

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