How to work with a physician within Pharma to become a valuable partner

In this episode, we speak about one of the most important work relationships – the one with the physician. As a statistician we work with them in all kind of things on the job. They also might become great friends.

In the episode, we will cover the following topics:

  • Topics to increase the understanding where the physician is coming from such as
    • How was he successful in his previous job – e.g. emergency room setting with command and follow setting to solve urgent crisis
    • Hospitals and physician’s offices are built with the physician at the center as he is the bottle neck
    • Has he even been a KOL before joining the company – that’ll make it hard for him to switch to a new culture
  • Mindset and tactics to create a successful partnership such as
    • Have 1:1s in which they you can answer their perceived “stupid” questions
    • be a partner and not a service provider
    • Present data together with the physician and show him, how you both can benefit
  • How to become a more valuable partner to the physician by e.g.
    • Provide draft conclusions based on analyses
    • Learn his language as you encourage him to learn yours
    • Have a physician as a mentor to learn how to best work with them
  • Tips on how to give the physician insights into your job and that it is not a push the button exercise


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