Webinar: How to influence in a post-COVID era

As statisticians and data scientists, we often find ourselves trying to convince others to act on our ideas or intentions. We want to implement new ways of designing or analyzing studies. We aim to improve processes or increase quality. Or maybe we just want to get a seat at the table, convince our management we deserve a promotion or demonstrate we are qualified to take on a new role.

Before the pandemic, many of the discussions and interactions involved in these instances happened in person and across the table.  That has all changed.  Post pandemic, many continue to work remotely and never stray from their computers.  As many organizations and companies end restrictions and offer or require more office time, in-person meetings are spotty, hallway conversations are fewer, and stopping by a colleague’s office to chat can be hit or miss. And where people were traveling to conferences and events in the past, these have become hybrid and lack the in-person attendance they used to have due to slashed budgets, travel restrictions, or just the new normal. 

Meetings, communication, work practices, and availability have changed forever.  This affects trust-building, relationships, collaborations, visibility, and personal growth. Conflicts arise much easier in fully remote settings and negotiations can be more challenging. Our communication styles need to be different and often much more careful to effectively work with others. Managing your own development and career path can require more thinking, intention and time.  We need to adapt.

In an upcoming free webinar, Gary Sullivan and Alexander Schacht will talk about these challenges, ideas for addressing them, and the opportunities they also present. 


This 1-hour webinar will take place on September 22nd, 2022 at 10 am US Eastern Time/4 pm Central European Time.


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