Is data science something for you? Interview with Cytel statisticians Yannis Jemiai and Rajat Mukherjee

Data science, big data, business analytics … these are all buzz words in the industry at the moment and the hopes are high on what these areas will provide to our industry.

Cytel organized a long session about data science for the PSI conference 2018 in Amsterdam (learn more and register here).

In this episode, we’ll speak about:

  • Why is data science such a hot topic at the moment?
  • How can we separate the different buzz words?
  • Is this only something for google, amazon and such companies?
  • What distinguishes a statistician from a data scientist?
  • What are the biggest areas of impact for data science?
  • What case studies are there, where data science had a profound impact?
  • Which problems you might face?
  • Which role do visualization approaches play in data science?
  • What’s the difference between “machine learning” and “deep learning”?
  • What would a statistician need to know, in order to compete in this field?
  • Where are good resources for this (see also the Cytel blog here)?

Finally, we will dive into the sessions, which Cytel chairs as the main sponsor of the PSI conference. You’ll learn if this session is a good fit for you.

About Yannis Jemiai

Yannis Jemiai has a pivotal role within Cytel, leading the company’s consulting and software business units, as well as the global marketing group. With Cytel Consulting he heads up an elite team of biostatisticians, skilled in applying the latest trial techniques and methods, to help our customers accelerate clinical development and mitigate portfolio risks.

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Yannis also oversees the development of Cytel’s software product lines, including trial design packages East® and Compass®, and exact statistics applications StatXact® and LogXact®.  Yannis guides global marketing efforts to raise the awareness of and uncover new opportunities for the company’s growing range of clinical research services and specialized software.

His own research has been published in numerous statistical journals. Dr. Jemiai earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University, an M.P.H. from Columbia University, and a B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology also from Harvard

About Rajat Mukherjee

Rajat Mukherjee has 15 years of professional experience as an industry and academic statistician, and brings a range of expert knowledge to Cytel’s customers. This includes work in pattern recognition problems for devices and biomarker discovery, Bayesian clinical trials, adaptive designs, and design and analysis of complex epidemiological studies. His experience and expertise also includes statistical computing, survival analysis, longitudinal analysis, nonparametric and semiparametric inference, as well as statistical classification and high-dimensional data. Rajat has a strong background and interest in the development and implementation of statistical methodology with application to real life medical problems.

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