LifeSciHub - Empowering Drug Sponsors with Unparalleled Expertise

Are you struggling to find the right expertise for your drug development projects?

LifeSciHub has the solution! Our platform offers drug sponsors like you access to a “new” source of highly skilled and specialized talent, provided by independent experts from small businesses. Say goodbye to the scarcity of talent and embrace a radically transparent approach to subcontracting.


“LifeSciHub enabled us to compliantly engage a Clinical Trial Supply expert small business (of 1) for 25% time throughout our Phase 2 program (3 years). We are now ready to hire someone full time. I was astounded at the expertise- even learned quite a few things from him!”

-Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations, small US based pre-marked biotech

Services Offered

LifeSciHub is the only radically transparent channel between the small business drug development vendor ecosystem and the drug sponsors that need on-demand, highly specialized expertise

To Experts:  In addition to the networking, resources, and support available to all LifeSciHub Community members, LifeSciHub can help with business administration such as contracts and invoice management, business development coaching, preparing for and engaging with investors, etc.  

One Solution for All Stakeholders

Say goodbye to juggling multiple suppliers for your drug development needs. LifeSciHub’s platform serves all four hiring entity enterprise stakeholders seamlessly:  project leads, procurement, legal and HR Streamline your processes, save time, and embrace agility by leveraging on-demand expertise.

How it Works

  • Challenge: Pharmbio R&D Expertise – The Hardest To Find, The Highest Risk To The Drug Sponsor
  • Gig EconomyTrend: Subject Matter Expert Shifting Preference From Employee To Free Market Independent Small Micro-businesses
  • Barrier: Drug Sponsor Procurement, Legal, HR Preference For Large, Traditional Suppliers. Unintended Consequence: Opaque, costly and inefficient Middleman Economics
  • Solution: LifeSciHub’s Radically Transparent, Strategic Subcontracting of the Small “Micro” Business SME Drug Development Community

Don’t let talent scarcity hold you back. Embrace the future of drug development expertise with LifeSciHub. Sign up now and experience the transformative power of small business subcontracting!

[Disclaimer: LifeSciHub is a compliant and transparent platform that connects drug sponsors with independent experts. All testimonials are provided by real customers and are used with their permission.]

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