Publications in launch and lifecycle – Insights you don’t want to miss!

Interview with Jenny Devenport

Publications are part of the bigger communication plan which also covers PR, scientific dialog, promotion, training, and internal communications. Writing publications should follow an overall strategy for the compound or therapeutic area. They are necessary for further steps like having promotional material, HTA submissions, scientific/medical dialog, etc.
They should not be an afterthought or seen as a pure incentive.

In this episode, Jenny Devenport and I talk about these publications as critical part of the scientific process We also cover how creating these helps establishing credibility with various stakeholders.

We also discuss the following points:

1. Publication is a critical part of the scientific process, 

  • It is important to communicate the results

  • Peer review still adds credibility to research

  • Important for further steps

  • Need to have transparency – refer to clinical trials .gov

  • History of not publishing data in the past

2. Helps establish credibility with various stakeholders, 

3. Enable scientific discussions in the field, 

4. Advance science in that disease and in general

A. Types of publications:

  1. Presentations

  2. Abstracts

  3. Posters (original and encore)

  4. Papers

5. Role of the statistician in an individual publication
  1. Methods characterization (to the standard of reproducibility)

  2. Results presented accurately and in a balanced manner

  3. Clinical and statistical conclusions are consistent

and more…
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Jenny Devenport

Director, Biostatistics at Roche

Agile, results-driven, Biostatistics and Health Outcomes Leader with extensive experience in building/ developing teams, encouraging effective cross-functional collaboration, and championing scientific curiosity to improve patient care through rigorous analysis and effective communication. Adept in devising and delivering change management strategies and organizational training to maintain employee motivation and focus in an evolving marketplace. Proficient at articulating and measuring strategic impact of evidence generation and communication initiatives. 

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