Reproducibility Ramp-Up Program


  1. Could your team achieve much more with a little more project organization and automation?
  2. Does your team get frustrated by repeated revisions of code and/or irreproducible code, especially when people leave the team?
  3. Does your team get excited when working effectively on new meaningful research?


The ‘Reproducibility Ramp Up Program’ for research teams in the Life Sciences will meet you where you are & optimize conditions for you to successfully achieve your desired state by: 

  1. Implementing best practices in research and development with a focus on what you want and need. This usually includes:
    a. Well organized projects
    b. Collaborative research
    c. Reproducible analysis pipelines and code
  2. Making collaboration and communication the norm to speed up scientific progress and increase impact of your work.
  3. Providing customized support and expertise in reproducible data science, good scientific practice and change management.

What makes us different from other consultants? 

  • Our Secret Sauce: For this program we join our experts in Reproducible Data Science (Dr. Heidi Seibold) and Change Management and Statistics (Dr. Alexander Schacht) to optimally help your team become the most effective and happiest research team out there.
  • Our Special Promise: We won’t just sell you the same slide deck and 101-level tools like many consultants offer (we know this to be true from vast experience on the client side!). We bring unique perspectives, insights and capabilities, and we take the extra effort to tailor solutions to your unique goals and parameters. 
  • Through us you get access to networks of:
    • Researchers in academia and industry
    • Research software engineers
    • Reproducibility experts
    • Automation and process optimization experts

What can you expect from working with us? We will…

  • Guide you in refining your understanding of the desired state – “what could be” as opposed to “what has always been” 
  • Partner with you for focused root cause analysis to ensure we help you solve the right problems, so you don’t waste time and energy addressing symptoms that don’t bring about real change
  • Co-create with your team a tailored framework and a strategic and tactic plan that targets your teams’ specific needs and helps you achieve your specific short- to long-term goals 
  • Coach your team toward ownership and execution of the plan and around stakeholder management
  • Ultimately leave you and your team empowered, equipped, and enabled
    (1) to implement a framework that you can leverage to continue the change journey without ongoing dependency on consultants and
    (2) with the knowledge and skills to pursue that journey with agility and focus as you progress toward your goals, and as the needs of your organization, stakeholders, industry, and markets, etc. inevitably evolve over time.  



You recognize that optimal processes leading to reproducible research helps your team win. 

You firmly believe your organization is capable of playing a much bolder role when working more effectively.  

As such your organization needs optimal and easy to follow processes around reproducible research, then it currently has to move from frustration about bad processes and difficult code to satisfaction at work while concentrating on the cutting edge research you work on.

We will unleash your team’s potential and establish conditions for your team’s long-term success as an effective research team!

We will also support you in the pursuit of meaningful leadership and team health, if desired! 


  1. When you’re ready, please reach out at to Request a free Exploratory Conversation. This is a completely non-committal safe space to openly discuss your current state and desired state, as well as to a bit more specifically brainstorm the best way we might support you in achieving that evolution! 

  2. In preparation for that conversation, we recommend you review our standard tiers of service below, so you can get an initial feel for what options you might want to talk through on the call. 

We offer flexibility and tailoring of our services through three levels of service commitment, so that we meet you where you are in terms of ambition, desired support and available resources: 

    • Kick Start (relevant advice) – Overview of best practices and generally relevant key successes and learnings that provide a framework the team can immediately apply and build on over time.
    • Plan in Place (tailored guidance) – Kick Start plus support with initial root cause analysis specific to the team’s short and mid-term ambitions along with tailored strategic and tactical recommendations.
    • Partner Up, Wean Off (customized collaboration) – Kick Start, Plan in Place plus extended partnership for more detailed design, mid-term execution and iteration, and focused coaching for capability building and intentional decrease of necessary support over time in order to optimize impact and sustainability.

Dr. Heidi Seibold

I help research teams with open innovation and reproducible data science by providing interactive workshops and consulting. As a well known expert on open science and research software I give keynote talks and serve as an ambassador for good scientific practice in the digital era. I used to work as a biostatistics and machine learning researcher at the University of Zurich, LMU Munich, University of Bielefeld and Helmholtz AI. 


Dr. Alexander Schacht

I’m a PhD statistician and medical affairs professional.

During my career from a study statistician to an Executive Vice President of Launch and Commercialization Data Sciences I collected experience across all phases of development at companies such as UCB, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Lilly.

I’ve built international teams supporting launch and commercialization at 3 different companies covering many therapeutic areas, including dermatology, rheumatology, respiratory, cardiovascular, psychiatry, neuroscience, virology, and others.

I’ve authored 70+ scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and regularly speaks at international conferences both as contributed and invited speakers.

My weekly podcast “The Effective Statistician” is downloaded about 1000 times each week, leading to 150k downloads of the more than 250 episodes.

Over 350 statisticians and data scientists have participated in the leadership program I created together with Gary Sullivan to learn how to communicate effectively and become more influential.

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