Reputation Recharge

As a leader of a high-performing statistics organization,
pause and ask yourself…

Do I believe that your statistics organization could do much more with just a little more? (capability, capacity) 

True or False: With slightly more reasonable resources and access to the mountains of data that your enterprise and industry have accumulated, you are ready to fully exploit the richness of your data and find needles in the haystacks that could exponentially enhance your company’s value propositions for not only internal stakeholders but also for external customers and ultimately for patients.

Does your team often get frustrated by the way collaborators view statisticians as non-creatives or just doers? (perception, engagement) 

True or False: Engaging your team as transactional service providers is the norm and is rate-limiting. Your expertise, capability, and potential impact warrant you being sought by cross-functional leaders and stakeholders as strategic business partners.

Does your team get energized and inspired to collaborate cross-functionally (including with ‘non-data people’) to solve the most complex challenges and/or discover the greatest of opportunities for value to the patients and the company? (breadth, depth of impact)

True of False: If your business partner would bring you to the table sooner and more consistent (and to more tables) you could reveal game-changing insights, inspire novel solutions, and co-create highly impactful evidence and value narratives for your company, your customers, as well as broader industry and healthcare communities. 


If you said YES to any of these questions,
we can help!

The ‘Reputation Recharge’ for Stats Organizations in Life Sciences will meet your team where you are & optimize conditions for you to successfully achieve your desired state by: 

  • Intentionally integrating diverse expertise, experiences, and proven track records of success in data-relevant innovation, organizational development, strategic communications, and change management within highly matrixed environments of pharma and life sciences
  • Focusing on key growth areas for evolving your organization’s reputation:
    • Capacity and capability 
    • Perception and engagement 
    • Breadth and depth of impact 
  • Providing flexibility and customization of services and tailored outputs 

What makes us different than other consultants?

  • Our Secret Sauce: We bring a combination of Statistician + Non-Statistician points of view, with depth and breadth of expertise.  Thus, we baked in the pressure testing to help ensure relevance, viability, and impact of your resulting efforts not only within your stats organizations but most importantly across your enterprise and external ecosystems. 
  • Our Special Promise: We won’t just sell you the same slide deck and 101-level tools like many consultants offer (we know this to be true from vast experience on the client side!). We bring unique perspectives, insights and capabilities, and we take the extra effort to tailor solutions to your unique goals and parameters
  • 20+ years building highly effective statisticians and high-performing statistical analytics organizations with track record of elevating reputation, leverage and impact thereof across the value chain (i.e., early research through to commercial and market access) 
  • 10+ cumulative years performing root cause analysis (data and human scenarios), leading targeted cross-functional innovation projects, as well as designing and driving broad-reaching industry leading global transformation programs (i.e., end to end clinical data automation; digital business transformation; partnering with patients; data visualization capabilities; etc.)
  • 10+ cumulative years design and execution of strategic communications and complex change management with direct collaboration and influence at all levels of organizations (i.e., C-suite executives to individual contributors) 
  • 10+ cumulative years coaching leaders, teams and individuals to unleash their professional potential and personal fulfillment for the win-win-win! (i.e., for oneself, the company, and the external communities & customers) 
  • Ongoing access to active revelations from highly influential social media voices  

What can you expect from working with us?
We will…

  • Guide you in refining understanding of the desired state – “what could be” as opposed to “what has always been” 
  • Partner with you for focused root cause analysis to ensure we help you solve the right problems, so you don’t waste time and energy addressing symptoms that don’t bring about real change
  • Co-create with your team a tailored framework and a strategic and tactic plan that targets your specific teams’ specific needs and helps you achieve yourspecific short- to long-term goals 
  • Coach your team toward ownership and execution of the plan and around stakeholder management
  • Ultimately leave you and your teamempowered, equipped and enabled
    (1) to implement a framework that you can leverage to continue the change journey without ongoing dependency on consultants and
    (2) with the knowledge and skills topursue that journey with agility and focus as you progress toward your goals, and as the needs of your organization, stakeholders, industry and markets, etc. inevitably evolve over time.  

In summary

You recognize that data-driven decisions are critical for patients to get access to solutions that enable them to be in charge of their lives rather than at the mercy of their condition. 

You firmly believe your statistics organization is capable of playing a much bolder role in the generation of that value for patients. 

As such your organization needs more influence than it currently has, and you appreciate that influence comes from solid reputation.

We will unleash your team’s potential and establish conditions for your team’s long-term success as highly valued strategic partners in the active pursuit of your company’s corporate objectives!

We will also support you in the pursuit of meaningful leadership and team health, if desired! 



Sounds good?
Let’s chat!

  1. When you’re ready, please reach out to to Request an Exploratory ConversationThis is a completely non-committal safe space to openly discuss your current state and desired state, as well as to a bit more specifically brainstorm the best way we might support you in achieving that evolution! 
  2. In preparation for that conversation, we recommend you review our standard tiers of service below, so you can get an initial feel for what options you might want to talk through on the call.  

Standard Service Offerings

We offer flexibility and tailoring of our services through three levels of service commitment, so that we meet you where you are in terms of ambition, desired support and available resources: 

  • Kick Start (relevant advice) – Overview of best practices and generally relevant key successes and learnings that provide a framework the team can immediately apply and build on over time
  • Plan in Place (tailored guidance) – Kick Start plus support with initial root cause analysis specific to the team’s short and mid-term ambitions along with tailored strategic and tactical recommendations 
  • Partner Up, Wean Off (customized collaboration) – Kick Start, Plan in Place plus extended partnership for more detailed design, mid-term execution and iteration, and focused coaching for capability build and intentional decrease of necessary support over time in order to optimize impact and sustainability

Who will help you?

Beth Manning

Alexander Schacht, PhD

Beth Manning is a change agent whose superpower is guiding ambitious leaders, teams, and individual contributors to unleash their fullest potential for impact by helping them solve the right problems, develop and deploy intentional influence with stakeholders, and setting overall conditions and habits for their long-term success and personal fulfillment! 

To do so, she leverages a uniquely comprehensive and integrated approach to her work, through the intersectionality of change and program management, design thinking and innovation, interpersonal and strategic communications, and laser coaching.  


Over the past 20+ years, she’s become a go-to leader and partner to challenge the status quo at all levels and in the full breadth of business – evolving culture and engagement, ensuring social accountability, enhancing corporate sustainability, reimagining processes and ways of working, co-creating business solutions across functions and stakeholders, and innovating to drive win-win-win industry-leading practices. For example, she’s recognized for her leadership of stand-out transformations in areas of career path development, DE&I initiative, patient engagement and data sharing, and digital business transformation. For those familiar with Strengths Finder 2.0, her top 5 strengths are: Belief, Communication, Ideation, Strategic, and Maximizer.

Most importantly, though, to Beth, is that she is known for showing up and speaking up and that she inspires and empowers others to do the same, even if their voice shakes. As a wife and mother in a bi-racial family, a stepparent, a patient and a caregiver, a female leader, a dancer and choreographer, and often a professional square peg in a round hole… she brings her whole self to the table, gives voice to others who may not yet be there and ideas that may have not yet found the light, in order that we may collectively do better, know better, do better, and so forth.

Beth very much looks forward to helping you bridge the gap between your team’s current state and your desired state in a uniquely targeted and highly personalized way. Even if you aren’t certain what that may look like or what help you might want or need, she’s always down for just a good brainstorm!

Alexander Schacht is a statistical leader who combines deep technical knowledge with leadership skills. He has build new teams  of statisticians within and outside of companies to effectively pursue a common vision. He both inspires and enables the team members to achieve more than they have imagined. 

Alexander relies on years of training of being an effective leader and has trained hundreds of other in leadership skills. He understand the challenges fo both individual statisticians, programmers and data scientists and also those of statistics or data science teams or departments.

Over the past 20+ years of working in medical research across all phases and many indications at local, regional and global levels in different companies he has acquire a deep knowledge of the organisational structures of companies and their internal ecosystems. Especially his work in HTA, RWE and medical affairs challenged him to convince others about the importance of statisticians and their critical role for the overall success of the company. His efforts have resulted in many great opportunities for other statisticians to influence the corporation and he has received many testimonials from business leaders (see the recommendations on LinkedIn). For those familiar with Strengths Finder 2.0, his top 5 strengths are: Learner, Strategic, Futuristic, Maximizer, and Ideation.

Co-workers value Alexander’s passion for helping patients by providing the right evidence at the right time in the right format for both company internal and external stakeholders. As a son of an elderly patient, husband and father of  3 kids with their own medical challenges, he understands the importance of good evidence for making critical health related decisions. This passion combines with his enthusiasm for sound statistical research and his interest in people drives him forward to improve healthcare.

Alexander is excited about helping your organisation to step into the next level of influence and to help you and your organisation succeed. Even if you’re uncertain about how this exactly looks like, Alexander is there to explore different paths and destinations. 




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