Unlock Your Potential:
Strategy Workshop for Statisticians, Data Scientists, and Programmers


Are you ready to carve out a crystal-clear vision for your professional journey?

Whether you’re an individual, a company, or a department, join our exclusive three-day strategy workshop tailored for statisticians, data scientists, and programmers like yourself. Together, let’s break down barriers, foster innovation, and craft a roadmap for your personal and business growth.


Why attend?

  • Discover Your Driving Forces: Mirjam and Alexander will guide you in uncovering your personal drivers and ambitions. These insights will form the foundation of a professional vision that motivates and inspires you every single day.
  • Craft an Effective Strategy: Collaborate with like-minded professionals to develop a strategy that propels you towards your vision. This actionable plan will offer clear decision-making guidelines, helping you channel your energy and that of your team and suppliers.
  • Gain Clarity on Your Actions: Understand the ‘Why,’ ‘How,’ and ‘What’ behind your actions. This newfound clarity will not only streamline your efforts but also align your entire ecosystem with your goals.
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When, Where, and How much?

  • Dates: December 12th (10 am CET) to December 14th (3 pm CET)
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Inclusions:
    • 2 (or 3 if needed) nights of accommodation
    • All meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Investment:
    • Early Bird (before November 22nd): €2899 + VAT
    • Regular Price: €3199 + VAT

Who should attend?

  • Statisticians, data scientists, and programmers
  • Passionate professionals driving positive change
  • Participants from Pharma, CRO, and Academia

Who we are?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Contact Alexander at alexander@sanevidence.com to reserve your spot today.

Seize the chance to develop a detailed plan that will transform your aspirations into reality.

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