The Trust Effect: A Significant Difference for Statisticians

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A bank in Germany promoted themselves with the tagline “Trust is at the start of everything!”. You might debate if this is a good marketing slogan, but it’s surely true for a statistical leader’s relationship with their team and their collaborators.  Without trust, teams – both functional and product – may struggle with consistent performance which can impact productivity, timelines, morale, and innovation.

Trust is the glue that holds teams together during challenging times.  Trust allows you to have tough conversations, develop robust solutions, and make better decisions.  These all result in a more rewarding team experience for all.

What are the keys to building or strengthening trust?  What can be done when trust is absent or damaged?  Why does an investment in trust pay dividends?

In this upcoming webinar, we will talk about the three fundamentals of trust and explore the benefits that trust affords.  We will provide practical guidance for statisticians in both supervisory and team leader roles in building trust, and share real examples & experiences that demonstrate the advantages of investing in trust.

We will provide enough time for discussions to make the webinar interactive.

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March 3rd at 4:30pm Central European Time/10:30am Eastern Standard Time.

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About the presenters:

Alexander Schacht, PhD

I received my PhD in biostatistics from the University of Göttingen in Germany. I have authored more than 70 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and regularly speak at international conferences – both statistical ones like Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI) and medical ones like the European Dermatology Congress (EADV).

Gary Sullivan, PhD

I currently consult as a Leadership Specialist and Statistical Scientist for my company Espirer Consulting since March, 2018. Before this, I was the Senior Director for Non-Clinical Statistics at Eli Lilly and Company, where I worked for 28 years.  I also worked as a technical statistician in Non-Clinical Statistics for the first half of my career at Eli Lilly.

Gary Sullivan, PhD

I led the development and instruction of the first leadership course at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) of the American Statistical Association (ASA) in 2014..  I’ve provided leadership training to over 500 statisticians and data scientists, both at Eli Lilly and within the ASA. In addition, I’ve authored several articles and a book chapter on leadership for statisticians.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the University of Pittsburgh, and both a Master’s and Doctorate in Statistics from Iowa State University.