What you can expect in 2023 from me

 A few days from today, it will be Christmas already and I am sure you are very thrilled to get ready for Christmas! 

And it’s almost time for another year and as the New Year brings a lot of challenges, I am excited to share with you my plans and projects for 2023 that you and I both will definitely benefit from. These events and projects will surely help you achieve more with your personal growth and especially, your career growth at the same time.

Tune in while I discuss the following exciting events and plans:

  • I share with you about my consulting job and how great it is to work with different, awesome people across the industry
  • How I help companies streamline and automate their processes (especially also around these nasty German HTA tables)
  • The Effective Statistician Academy and its two parts (the conference on April 25th) and the academy itself
  • Leadership Training
  • Presentation and Data visualisation training
  • Safety consulting
  • Publication work
  • other webinars and courses

Listen to this episode now and share the link with your friends and colleagues who might learn from it.

Happy Holidays!


Alexander: You’re listening to the Effective Statistician Podcast, a weekly podcast with Alexander Schacht and Benjamin Piske designed to help you reach your potential lead great science, and serve patients without becoming overwhelmed by work. This is the last episode of 2022, and as this goes live, it’s just a few days away from Christmas and wherever you are in the world, hopefully, you have a great break.

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So in this podcast episode, I will talk a little bit about the future and what kind of exciting things are coming up in 2023. So stay tuned and now some music.

As you are listening to this, maybe you are thinking about Christmas presents, or maybe you have, listened to this in the new year and you think about a Christmas present that you received. Maybe you can give yourself a Christmas present, something to invest in yourself. For that, Gary and myself created winning with words and crafts, the effective Statistician presentation, data visualization masterclass.

It gives you lots of actionable advice to become a better presenter, and especially to become a better presenter of data using more effective data visualizations. So check out our masterclass. Just head over to the effective statistician and check for all the products, all the courses that we offer soon.

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Now, as we are turning from 2022, which was. Pretty exciting year for me going solo and the late of this year into 2023 where I’m looking for a lot of opportunities and I don’t know whether all of these will work out and never know. Maybe lots of things go south and I. You find myself being employed again, but maybe a lot of things really do work out and what I’ve already prepared for now in the last months there’s a lot of pretty cool thing.

So on one hand, I’m of course doing a couple of nice consulting jobs which. Pretty cool. I’m really, hopefully working together with some great people across the industry. I’m helping some companies to develop specific training for their people, for their project lead statisticians and things like that.

I help companies to more effectively deliver these nasty tables that you need for the HTA submission in Germany, these unlocked tables, so to say. If you have never worked on that, you don’t know but this is a huge amount of work for each and every submission. So whenever you need a new indication, if you have a new approval. There’s a lot of work to be done just for Germany to get it through the reimbursement system in Germany.

And so if you’re working on that, You just reach out for to me and I can help you. How you can streamline that, how you can make it really effective, and how you can get it done either within your company or as a service to your company with probably higher speed. More quality and also less cost, which sounds weird, but yeah, because most people just don’t know, do it the wrong way.

I’ve talked about this here probably already a couple of times, but now that I’m on my own, I can actually help lots of companies in that regard. So if you want to have help in that regard, just reach out. Of course I also do a lot of consulting in terms of data visualization. That is, that’s just fun for me to help companies with better data visualization and there is so much going out there that is, Improvable, let’s say it’s that way.

Yeah. Even when I think about, what’s published on LinkedIn, what I see popping up in journals, come on. We can do better than just these kind of standard excel figures. I think. I think that is this really a lot of opportunity by the way. If you’re really interested in data visualizations, then check out the wonderful Wednesday webinar series from the Visualizations Special interest Group, which I will invest also more into next year.

So if you don’t know about this, head over to psiweb.org look for the SIG, see special interest groups and look for the last one, which is the This visualization special interest group. And say, you can find out all about this amazing webinar series where you can learn hands on how to create or improved data visualizations with data that we always use in clinical trials. So that’s another point. I’m also looking into improving the reputation of statistics functions. So I’m working together with an outstanding person, best man. Was here on the show talking about change management, and we are want to help statistics function, statistics groups to become, to improve their reputation, to improve their branding, to improve their how they are perceived.

Overall in the business. So if you are a group leader or if you are department head and you want, you see yeah, there is this kind of, so much we could do more just if, we would have consistently seat at the table if consistently people would notice what we. Delivering.

If you wanna step up your games there. If you want to become a really strong brand within your company, then reach out to me. I’d love to help more. Statistics organization have the reputation. That they actually should have. I think very often the reputation is more about being, so to say, table monkeys, the nerds.

And I think that’s not what we deserve. We need to be seen as strategic partners. And if you think you can, maybe you are there already and maybe you really. Make sure that everybody gets it within the business, which by the way probably also helps you when it’s about discussions about headcounts, discussions about money for training, for travel, all these kind of different things.

Yeah. If you have a strong brand as a group, as a function, as a department, These things really help you to negotiate them in a better position. That’s one thing. There’s another interesting thing that I’m looking into, and that is helping organizations streamline and automate their processes. So I have some partners here that come out of highly complex, but highly streamlined industry, automotive.

It’s really crazy. There is so many different deliverables that you need to be. At the same time in the same place to build a car. There’s so many kind of, suppliers around the world. It’s highly complex. Yet they make it to have these kind of pretty individualized products coming at the right time out of the factories.

And yeah, I have two not good friends where we are working together to help takes the learnings of how they actually do that into our area, and so that we also can work more effectively with better processes and drive things forward faster, potentially even with a couple of different automations things.

Okay. So that is for a couple of the different bigger things. Ah, there’s one of the things that I. Safety. Safety I think is such a growing topic for us. There’s a lot of further requirements that are coming out. The regulators always have looked really carefully but says more comings.

There’s the the final rule from the FDA and says the aggregated safety analytics. Planning process. Pretty long word. Whereby the ways there will be a nice episode with Craig Ball coming in the future. And with Craig, I am also working together to help companies. get the, all the safety stuff in place so that they can sleep relaxed because they know they have everything under control and all the regulations is sorted out.

If you’re working for big companies that have the specific safety stats area, that’s probably not so much of a concern for you. But if you’re working in a smaller company, then correct. And I, we can help. Do these things effectively and get, by the way, also some nice tools for exploring your data visualization.

And explaining your data exploring your data about safety with visualizations, and also telling your safety story effectively using data visualizations. Okay. One other thing that I’m really, really excited about, and I don’t know whether this will work out because it’s a completely new thing, is I wanna create a platform where patients, advocacy groups can meet us Statistitian

and where we can talk about the latest research that is out there and help patient advocacy groups and people that you know post about these indications online, on social media, the bloggers. So social media influencers all these people to help them understand the strengths and limitations of the latest.

 As I said, I don’t know what Sunset will work out, but. I would love sis. I think it for us statisticians then listening into these kinds of discussions, listening into what are the questions of the patients listening into. What the, how we currently kind of communicate and how understandable this is for patients will be really cool.

So this, of course, that will be by indication or something like this or will look into certain therapeutic areas for the different patients. Not sure where we actually start with but probably some things that I’m a little bit more knowledgeable about. So if that works out, set will be absolutely fantastic.

Okay. And then. After all these kind of collaborations, new services and stuff like this, there is drum roll, the Effective Statistician Academy, coming in 2023. So this is probably the first announcement that I’m making a pulses. I’m working for a couple of weeks. Or months now on creating this academy.

What is the Effective Statistician Academy? So it basically consists of two pots. So first is in late April, 2023, we will have a big event. It will be probably something like a five hour event of presentations current a. Breaks whatsoever, everything where we talk about all kind of different topics related to becoming an effective statistician.

And I already have a couple of really outstanding presenters lined up myself, will be presenting as well. But we’ll cover lots of different topics. That is one part of it, and this part will be free. Everybody can attend. And then the second part of it will be we will launch a series of different trainings, said Help you become better.

As a statistician, we’ll have trainings about leadership, about knowledge. We’ll have trainings about innovative ways to analyze data, to design studies with all these kind of different things that you would be looking for. And there’s some really cool topics out there that are coming up.

So stay tune will be so cool. So that will all come together and so there will be this nice homepage where you can then see, oh, this is interesting. And you can enroll into the different courses. Of course they will not be for free. Maybe some, but most will not be for free.

That on. I want to do it really professionally and really high quality. And that only works if there is some money involved. So plan for a little bit of money in your training budget so that you can benefit from these courses. Still wanna make them really nice from a cost perspective.

Whether I run this big event. In April. Purely online or online and on site? I don’t know yet. So that depends a little bit on whether I find the right location to do it Also. Live, so to say. I, it would be so cool to do it live now that, we don’t need to worry too much about Covid anymore.

It could be pretty cool. But as this is my first kind of bigger event, I’m also a little bit very about how to run things like that. I’ll definitely do another launch then. Later 2023, timing, probably end of September. Whereas then wanna roll out further courses will create another event with lots of different speakers.

So wait for more news around this. There are some. Outstanding world class, well known presenters that will be in, there would be a wide variety of different topics. So stay tuned for that. You’ll hear a lot about this in the next four months up to the event happening then end of April. Okay.

That said, One last thing. Of course. Oh, by the way, the podcast will of course continue. Yeah. And I will also continue to post regularly, probably even more regularly than in the past on my LinkedIn profile. So if you don’t yet follow me on LinkedIn, head over to LinkedIn, search for Alexander Schacht and follow me there’s also on these LinkedIn profiles.

Bell I icon. If you click on that, some people say if you rings a bell, then you will be notified of all the posts that I’m. And I do restrict myself to, posting helpful, valuable content. So will be lots of tips and tricks and techniques of how to be a better statistician. I’ve already written lots of these and I will post these over the time.

I’m also looking into doing some publication work, not so much in terms of submitting to, so typical journals, but actually more thinking about maybe even publishing something like ebook. So stay tuned, for that as well. Next year, I will also or maybe actually by the time this goes live, hopefully already started the effective statistician and data science community.

So what is this community? This community is way to become a leader. improve your influencing skills on a kind of, let’s say low investment level? Yeah, low investment, especially from your time perspective. The number reason why people don’t enroll into the Effective Decision Leadership Program, or my, basically my flagship programs that I’m running together with Gary, is that people don’t have time.

And so I’ve designed this leadership community to be really low key. You will get. Every week a new video, something like five to 15 minutes where I will talk to you about leadership and you can then, look at that at a time. And additionally, you will have the opportunity twice a month to participate in Free coaching call with me where we talk about all kind of different leaderships aspects where you can ask questions, where we’ll have discussions about this twice because I want to have one of these calls in my morning, so European time before lunch.

And one in the afternoon. That center helps that people from Asia Australia can also participate in the morning one and people from US can participate in my afternoon. So that would be US Morning. This is of course something that I wanna also have. From a price low key. Yeah. So it will be a no brainer to in to enroll in this, the price for that is just 8 99 euros, so 8.99 euros, or in other words, eight euros and 99 cents.

V a t of course. So Texas. So head over to the effective statistician. You can find there a link to the community and have a look whether that is something for you to improve your leadership skills. If you are already in the leadership program or have a attend there hour, you’ll get that anyway for free.

So don’t worry about that. Last point, of course, the leadership program will continue. As we have the academy launches, we will at the same time also launch that and so if you wanna enroll into this and in this with masterminds, of course, these small group discussions, then you can do. Either in April or in September next year if you want to enroll into the leadership program without Mastermind.

So completely self-learning, have looked into all the exercises yourself. By the way, we have currently added some more material about this in the leadership program. Then you can of course do that anytime. You can just head over to see effectivestatistician. com check for the courses that we provide and enroll into the Effective Statistician Leadership Program.

And of course, with inflation over times the prices will increase. So have a look into this to make sure that you get the best price. Finally, we are running a lot of specific leadership programs for companies, so actually most of the students now comes through. Small, big companies across the industry and a lot of these companies do it on repeat basis.

Yes, they have each year, 30, 40, 50 study sessions, get into the program and yeah, go together through it. If you are working in a big company that doesn’t yet offer the effective statistician, reach out to me, reach out to your management, and we then roll something out for you. Specifically we have as the pandemic is now more, more ending.

Changed our approach here in the past. During the Pandemic Golf course, we have done everything. everything. Now we are doing it also in a more hybrid way. So if your company wants to do, for example dunno, your company has some statistician in us, some statistician in Europe, then we can also facilitate that.

Gary runs the things directly in the US on site and I run it in Europe and we also can customize it to the specific needs of C companies that is also lots of companies are now asking us for. And so that’s yet another opportunity. So I’m really, really excited for 2023, and you can expect a lot of things from the effective statistician

as courses, as webinars, as books, as tips, as LinkedIn posts, all these different things because now it’s really, more or less my full-time job, of course, also doing consultancy. But this is really the big fun part and now I can invest much more time into it. I’m really so excited to work together with you and help you.

An effective statistician that deserves and gets the credit that you deserve. Okay, with that, hope you had nice year. All the best for your Christmas period. May you get lots of presents and have a great time with your family, with your loved ones. If you don’t know, celebrate Christmas.

Then hopefully have a nice break and see you ends up. Speak to you in the new year..

This show was created in association with PSI. Thanks Reine and her team at VVS who help to show the background. And thank you for listening. Reach your potential lead. Great science. Serve patience. Just be an effective statistician.

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