Welcome to The Effective Statistician Conference - November 2024

The first two conferences of The Effective Statistician in 2023 and 2024 reached hundreds of statisticians.

Not only was it an informative event; but participants also enjoyed the interactive game that gave them a chance to win a FREE download of recordings they can get back to any time as they embark on their new journey towards becoming an effective statistician.

If you missed the chance to join last February 13-15, now’s your chance to secure your seat for the upcoming conference this coming November:

  • 1st Part: Nov 8-9, 2024 (Thursday & Friday)
    9-12nn CET and 3-6pm CET / 3-6am EST and 9-12nn EST

  • 2nd part: Nov 11-12, 2024 (Monday & Tuesday)
    9-12nn CET and 3-6pm CET / 3-6am EST and 9-12nn EST

Now, the third conference will build on this and create an even bigger impact including much more community work.

Like the past conferences, this two-part event will feature exceptional personalities in the field of statistics who will share their thoughts about progressive statistics, leadership, and the application of both in boosting clinical trials and research designed to improve the overall stature of global healthcare.

We aim at a much more successful result for everyone and bring together statisticians, data scientists, and programmers who want to know more about moving our community forward.

This conference will have a completely free part and a paid part.

The free part contains:

  • Selected keynote presentations and panel discussions
  • Participation in virtual networking and meeting speakers and sponsors
  • Access to selected recorded presentations

With top speakers included in the program, you will surely get the best out of your time and improve your perception of progressive statistics.

Let’s join together and become effective statisticians with the capacity to become efficient catalysts of change in society.

    The conference is sponsored by: 

              • Sanevidence GmbH
                Sanevidence GmbH is the company behind The Effective Statistician and all its brand. Our goal is to enable statisticians, data scientists and programmers in healthcare to become the best of themselves and achieve their career goals. We provide training on both methodological and people skills in partnership with many leading experts.

              •   MArS Market Access & Pricing Strategy GmbH
                Are you looking for a hands-on consultancy with a strategic vision for the D-A-CH region? MArS has years of experience in planning, filing and negotiating in the three D-A-CH countries and will lead you successfully with your product to your commercial objective!

              •   LifeSciHub Small/Micro-Business Community
                The LifeSciHub Community is comprised of independent expert small, micro businesse. These experts have intentionally decoupled from the corporate ladder, usually at the Director or VP level, in order to practice their expertise as small, independent businesses. The range of expertise is vast- every aspect of drug development requires highly specialized skills, and the LifeSciHub small business community has them in abundance: biometrics, clinical operations, patient engagement, produce launch, CMC, supply chain, clinical contracts, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, computational drug modeling and simulation, RWE, HEOR, medical writing, eTMF. Some “solopreneurs” seeing process or technology gaps, have even created software products to further expedite innovation.

              •    EpiStat – epidemiology, statistics and real world evidence
                Epistat is a research consultancy company specialized in health data sciences and real-world evidence to support pharmaceutical companies throughout all phases of drug development.

              •    Smart Data Analysis and Statistics
                Smart Data Analysis and Statistics B.V. is at the forefront of biostatistical innovation, expertly converting real-world data into compelling evidence compliant with Health Technology Assessment (HTA) standards. Our commitment to cutting-edge analysis methodologies ensures that our clients are equipped with advanced, scalable solutions that meet the rigorous demands of the healthcare industry.

              •   Clivoffective 
                The key to achieving goals in Life Science companies is always people. Clivoffective brings together Life Science companies and talented individuals in the fields of statistics and data science. By doing so, we close open positions for the benefit of the companies all while considering, nurturing, and building on individual talent strengths through our extensive expertise in statistics.

              • The Effective Statistician Academy 
                The Effective Statistician Academy offers four distinct areas of training: Leadership, Innovation, Knowledge, and Excellence. Each area features expert-led courses that are designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. Whether you’re looking to take your leadership skills to the next level or stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field, the Academy has you covered.


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