What makes you feel comfortable is what keeps you stuck

Feeling comfortable does not lead to growth.

But why do most people stay in their comfort zone?
Are your own expectations holding you back?

In this episode, I am talking about the reasons why people stay in their comfort zones and always choose the “safe side”. And why choosing this hinders you from your personal and career growth.

I also talk about the following eye-opening points:

  1. Reasons for staying comfortable
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of failure
    • Fear of not meeting expectations
    • Unfair comparison to others
    • Not being ready
    • Being too busy
    • Not important
  2. Set systems to reach your goals
  3. You can reach incredible goals
  4. Do something different
  5. Grow personally
  6. Vulnerability
  7. Innovation
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Alexander Schacht

Executive VP Of Launch And Commercialisation Data Sciences at Veramed

He received my PhD in biostatistics from the University of Göttingen in Germany. I have authored more than 70 scientific manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and regularly speak at international conferences – both statistical ones like Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI) and medical ones like the European Dermatology Congress (EADV).

In his 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I focused on late-phase work. I’m leading a team of highly capable statisticians at a major pharmaceutical company. His team collaborates with a diverse set of people like physicians, marketeers, economists and many more. They leverage my leadership insights to influence widely across the business.

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In addition, he serves on the board of directors of Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI) as Chairman of the Communications Committee.

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