What you should know about change management

Interview with Beth Manning

What is change management? Is it only something for big corporate initiatives or does it also apply to smaller changes?
Why does it require so much consideration?
What’s hard about change?

Change management is something I never thought about being interesting for statisticians, but recently, I needed to dive in to this frequently. I learned that this helps me when creating new designs or processes as it answers lots of questions about getting from an idea to an implementation.

So today, I’m glad I have a great colleague with me who is an expert on change management and has helped me a lot to drive changes within a big organization.

Listen to this episode and learn the following points:

  • Key steps one should consider when driving change
  • Common problems people step into
  • Skills to learn to become a change agent

Elizabeth Manning

Strategic Projects Leads / Technology Transformation Implementation – Change Management Lead

Beth is a hustler (in the good sense of the word)! Her job continuously evolves based on the value I work hard to proactively bring to the table in diverse contexts. Coming from a background in Communications and a past life of coaching dancers, she thinks differently than most of my scientist, medical and commercial colleagues…and it’s a win-win!

It inspires her to explore discomfort for the sake of growth. With competencies to understand and translate many perspectives while articulating a unique perspective of her own, she takes intention to trigger aha moments that can have ripple effects in mindset and enable collective growth.

She is proud to help facilitate UCB’s cultural evolution with a particular passion for leadership development and diversity and inclusion. She had the privilege of helping to drive innovation in patient value through key initiatives such as digital business transformation, patient engagement, clinical excellence, patient-centered responsible data sharing, and employee engagement. She’s thrilled that this work makes a real difference in the lives of the patients they serve and can also enhance the quality of life and work for her colleagues. She’s honored to collaborate with people who are committed to delivering on these ambitions.

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