Why You Should Attend The Effective Statistician Conference!

I’m super excited about the upcoming conference of The Effective Statistician February
13/14/15th 2024. In this episode, I cover what has changed from the conference last year
and what I kept based on the feedback from the attendees and my personal experience.

I cover in this episode what you can expect in terms of speakers, including:

  • Andy Grieve
  • Kaspar Rufibach
  • Chrissie Fletcher
  • Yannis Jemiai
  • Jenny Devenport
  •  Thomas Debray
  •  Anders Berglund
  •  Frank Konietschke
  • Gary Sullivan
  • Manisha Desai
  • and many more…
I’m super happy to have sponsors for this conference: Learn more about the conference and register here! (And please share it with your friends!) https://theeffectivestatistician.com/welcome-to-the-effective-statistician-conference-2024/  


Why You Should Attend The Effective Statistician Conference!

[00:00:00] Alexander: Today I want to tell you a little bit more about this year’s conference. I’ve done a couple of changes based on the feedback of the conference last year. So last year it was a huge success. We had over 800 registrations and far over 400 people that showed up live for the conference. Last year we had five hours all in a row and that was a little bit too much, especially also for me doing all the moderation and all these kind of different things.

[00:00:38] So this year I said, okay, let’s spread it out a little bit. And I didn’t want to decrease the number of content and I also wasn’t sure whether I want to do parallel sessions, so I decided to do three days, so [00:01:00] the conference will happen Tuesday. Wednesday and February on 13th, 14th and 15th of February from 3 to 6pm CET. So if you’re in the U. S. on the east coast that is 9 to noon and if you’re on the west coast, well then it’s even a little bit earlier. But still I think in a Time area where it’s kind of manageable. So One of the things that people loved from the conference last year was the length of the presentations.

[00:01:43] So we will have again 20 minute presentations plus Q& A thereafter. And yes having no break for a five-hour conference was also a little bit too exhausting. So we will have a short break in [00:02:00] the middle of these three days. We will keep the conference free, so everybody that registered and attends live gets everything free.

[00:02:14] And I want to make sure that people really come to the conference. And I know what happens with free recorded content that never gets looked at. So I want to make sure that people really have a look into the conference. Therefore, I will charge a little nominal fee of 49 euros for the recordings. That is a bit of an incentive to actually watch it live.

[00:02:47] And if you want to purchase it, thereafter, all the recordings, then it’s not so much that it’s kind of an enormous amount of money, but still enough to make sure [00:03:00] that it just, you know, isn’t just, you know, downloaded and then never looked at. So that is my, my thinking about it. And I hope that you can attend the live conference because we have really, really amazing speakers.

[00:03:18] Many of these actually would be awesome keynote speakers or they have been keynote speakers at conferences. So, the first person that you probably know about is Andy Grief. Andy was already an outstanding statistician when I started studying statistics and was already very, very influential when I joined the industry over 20 years ago.

[00:03:49] Now he is looking back. With over five decades of experience and based on his experience, [00:04:00] he will talk about how an entrepreneurial mindset can help you succeed in this area. And be aware, yeah, he mostly worked for all kinds of different pharma companies, especially for bigger ones. And. I know many of you work for pharma companies as well, and so this entrepreneurial mindset will definitely help you.

[00:04:28] If you work in a CRO, it will help you even more. Because in a CRO, everything that you do about statistics and programming is really part of your core business. In pharma, Yeah, drug development is really the core business, not so much the statistics. And of course, not only drug development, but also drug commercialization, all these kind of different things.

[00:04:59] [00:05:00] So for NECRO, statisticians, that will be also really, really helpful. And, of course, Also for academic areas, because an academic area is also a very, very entrepreneurial area. Then I also have an old friend and colleague. Kaspar Rufibach is one of the key people in terms of S Demands. He is striving for lots of innovation and methodology within Roche.

[00:05:36] He once said to me he’s basically an academic working in pharma. And yes, that describes it well, very well. And like Andy, he’s also an awesome presenter. We will then also have a couple of technical talks. We will have, and Kasper, by the way, will talk about something technical as well. We will have, for [00:06:00] example, Guillaume Desachy, who is co leading the biomarkers and he will talk about more technical things.

[00:06:09] We will have Christian who will talk about structured equation modeling. If you have never heard about structural equation models, then this is a really, really good chance to get an introduction, to get an overview of what that is, of course, we will have Gary, Gary Sullivan. My partner in crime in terms of everything leadership for statisticians and he will talk here and then we also have some other really really outstanding well known presenters.

[00:06:47] Anja Schiel. If you don’t know about Anja, then you really need to come to this conference and listen to her. She is an outstanding [00:07:00] presenter and she is probably the most influential statistician within Europe when it comes to HTA. She works for the Norwegian Agency and is very influential in terms of how EU HTA will look in the future.

[00:07:23] And as you know, there’s a lot of things currently going on. And 2025, when all the oncology products that get approval there. We’ll need to go through this process. 2025 is really just around the corner. And 2028 it will be for the orphan trucks. And 2030 it will be for all trucks. So this is really the time to listen to people like Anja.

[00:07:58] She has been on this podcast [00:08:00] before a couple of times. Always great to listen to her. I was also really happy to have some very senior leaders presenting, who will present at this conference, this first Chrissy Fletcher. Chrissy is very, very senior executive within GSK and she has been the Aspire leader.

[00:08:28] She is the she’s very involved within PSI, PSI leadership, PSI chair, all these kind of different things. And she has. Influenced the industry quite a lot. She was very, very central to the ICH E9 Addendum and making sure people know about estimates and also think through answers. So, I will, I’m really looking forward for Chrissy Fletcher to present at [00:09:00] my conference.

[00:09:01] Another senior person. This time from the CRO side is Yannis Jemiai. He is the Chief Scientific Officer at SciTel. He has been at SciTel for a very, very, very long time. And has supported the community for a long time. He is a great presenter and he was already on my podcast very, very early. One of the, I think, single digit episodes he talked with another colleague about data science and it’s one of the most downloaded episodes here on this show.

[00:09:46] So. Watch out for his presentation. It will be surely outstanding. I don’t want to go into all the different presenters, but just a couple of other things. [00:10:00] Jenny Davenport will talk about launch and commercialization under support, real world evidence, and especially the really rich Nordic registries there.

[00:10:11] Thomas Debray. Really an expert will talk about network mental analysis and many, many more things. So stay tuned. Ah, well, one last thing. One of the other most downloaded episodes on the show is the episode with Frank Konietzschke on nonparametric statistics. And I’m super happy that he Being a statistician, the head of statistics at Charité in Berlin, a really famous hospital, academic hospital, we’ll talk about nonparametric statistics.

[00:10:51] I’m super stoked about this. So this will be also really, really important, relevant. And if you don’t know about [00:11:00] nonparametric statistics, then you really need to listen to this presentation. I want to give a quick shout out to the different sponsors of this conference who make sure that it really happens.

[00:11:15] So there is first MAS, which is a company that helps you with everything about HTA in Europe, but especially also in Germany. Stefan, who leads the company, is just outstanding to work with. Then we have LifeSciHub. Sheila is the leader of LifeSciHub, and this is a company that helps pharma companies work effectively together with small CROs, freelancers, and so on.

[00:11:46] And that takes all the pain out of these kind of documents and master service agreements and all that kind of stuff. So stay tuned for Sheila. She will also talk about at the conference. [00:12:00] Then we have EpiStat Anders, who leads this company will talk about Nordic Registries. And we have Smart Data Analysis and Statistics, which is a company from Thomas Debray.

[00:12:15] And he will talk about network meta-analysis. Of course, the Effective Statistician Academy sponsors. My conference and then last but not least, there is cleave effective my collaboration with evolution with Evelyn and Andre there we are working together to help sponsors. Find the right candidates. And of course, also CROs.

[00:12:42] We’re currently also working for CRO to help them find the right programmers, the right statisticians. And that is always a lot of fun. So, stay tuned for this conference. If you have already registered, then please tell your [00:13:00] friends and colleagues about it. If you have not, then quickly go to the Effective Statistician homepage, there you will directly find at the top the button to register for the conference. See you there!

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