Working from home – is this for you?

Interview with Jürgen Hummel

Are you curious about how working from home works?
How can you know if this is the right set-up for you in general?
What are the advantages and disadvantages when working from home?
What is a good set-up when having a home office?

The COVID-19 outbreak forces many of us to work from home. But even before this, working from home became a growing trend, most especially at the moment. This interview will help you understand if this is something for you or not, and how you can make it happen, have fun with it, and get a better balance of your working time and other things.

In this episode, Jürgen and I discuss the following points:

  • Why is working from home beneficial for the statistician and the employer
  • What tasks are especially suitable for working from home
  • What tips do we have to make working from home successful
  • How to balance office time and home office time

Jürgen Hummel

Jürgen Hummel is originally from Germany, where he earned a Diplom (German equivalent of a master’s degree) in mathematics and economics at Augsburg University.  Having spent a year of his degree course at Edinburgh University (during the early days of ERASMUS) he moved to the UK permanently following graduation in 1995. 

Jürgen has 25 years of experience in the industry, where he held a variety of technical and managerial positions, predominantly within the CRO industry. He has been at PPD in Bellshill (near Glasgow) since 2006, where he is Senior Director, Statistical Science and heads up the statistical science group. Since 2011 he has been predominantly working from his home near Edinburgh.

Learn more by listening to this episode and share this link with others who might be interested in working at home!

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