Your choice – interview with the two candidates for the PSI chair Lucy Rowell and Naomi Givens about the future of PSI and how it will impact you

In todays episode, we take a look into the future – the future of PSI and how it will impact you. Both candidates, that run for becoming chair of PSI – Lucy Rowell and Naomi Givens – speak about their vision in our interview today.

Of course, this episode will help you to decide who to vote for, but it will also help you to understand how to benefit from PSI by becoming an active member. Both candidates share their stories of how they got more and more involved within PSI and how they were able to impact the world of statistics through PSI.

In more detail, we’ll cover the following topics in the episode:


  • Experience of the candidates with PSI
  • Achievement at PSI and their current role on the board of directors for PSI
  • Why do they want to become chair of PSI
  • Changes to PSI, that the candidates would like to initiate
  • The candidates visions for the future for PSI and how to get there

About Lucy Rowell

Senior Principal Statistical Scientist (Roche) and PSI Conference Chair
I have been engaged in the PSI Scientific Committee for 6 years; most recently as Conference Chair and Director on the Board. I am driven by advancing the role of statisticians and I am excited by the chance to lead PSI as Chair, building on the successes I have delivered on; leading us to our largest UK conference and record breaking contributed and poster abstract submissions for this year’s upcoming conference.
During my career, I have worked across both early and late stage development and many therapeutic areas. I have performed varying roles and for the last 3 years I was a Global Development Team Leader, responsible for leading the design, execution and delivery of clinical development plans (CDPs), through approval and reimbursement, for a number of molecules across multiple indications. This team included clinical, safety, regulatory, biometrics, operations and pharmacology. This experience has been one of the most rewarding to date and showed to me the diverse strengths Biostatisticians can bring to leading teams and drug development strategies outside of Biometrics.
I am currently on a fifty-percent rotation in our UK Affiliate, providing input to our Global teams, to maximise our chances for access to drugs for our UK patients.
Outside work I love eating, reading, meditating, going to see live bands and hiking with my husband
Simon, and our pug Buddy.

For her vision click here!

About Noami Givens:

Naomi joined the PSI external affairs committee in 2011 and is proud to have led the creation of the Before the Headlines initiative with the Science Media Centre, a service which provides science journalists in the mainstream media with a statistical critique of a piece of research as an aid for writing their articles accurately. She joined the PSI Board of Directors in 2014 as the Contracts and Partnerships Director, recently negotiating a new 3-year contact with MCI holding cost rises in line with inflation. Naomi was a member of the Joint Assessment Committee for the proposed merger with the RSS during which time she also chaired weekly meetings between the Yes and No campaign teams putting her skills of diplomacy to the test. Naomi represents PSI on the Council for Biopharmaceutical Statisticians engaging with similar pharmaceutical statistics organisations around the world. As chair, Naomi aims to ‘future proof’ PSI through improved engagement with members and welcoming data scientists into the PSI fold.

Naomi has worked as a clinical statistician in the HIV therapeutic area at GlaxoSmithKline for over 17 years. Having joined as a recent graduate providing support to the clinical virology department, she has progressed through roles, across phases II to IV with increasing responsibility and currently manages a team of statisticians supporting Pfizer and GSK’s joint venture ViiV Healthcare.

For her Vision click here!


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