4 principles about effective delegation and how not only managers can benefit from it

As a statistician we delegate all the time with programming being probably the most prevalent example.

In this episode, we start by showing in two personal examples how delegation improves your productivity amazingly or how it can lead into complete disaster.

Furthermore we cover the following questions:

  • Why is delegation so important?
  • Why are not only managers delegating?
  • Why should I delegate, if I can do it myself?
  • What task can I delegate?
  • How can I delegate appropriately?
  • Why are many people not delegating more actions?

By listening to this episode, you will also learn about these 4 principles of delegation:

  1. Any task should be done by the most junior team member possible.
  2. Delegate tasks in such a way, that they are interesting for the people to work on.
  3. Specify what goal you want achieved, defining together what a great outcome looks like and support as needed, but resist the urge to tell exactly how to achieve the goal.
  4. Delegate deliverables not tasks

The episodes concludes with a discussion on the how to create an environment where

  • your team members thrive,
  • you successfully reach great project outcomes,
  • people are motivated and engaged, and
  • both team members and leadership wins.

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