Impactful influencing: actionable advice to get things done through and with others – Interview with Julia Carter


Getting things done through others is a key part or even the definition of leadership and her clients face often the same situation like statisticians. They need to convince people rather than commanding them.

In this episode, we cover the following topics:

In this episode we have our first non-statistician as a guest. Julia has build her own consulting and training company Zestfor. She and her team specialise in developing Training programmes and resources scientifically tailored for technical markets – including Pharmaceutical, IT, and Life

  • Why statisticians need to be more influential?
  • Is influencing actually something bad on inappropriate?
  • What characterises an influential person?
  • Which practices help statisticians to increase their influence?
  • Many statisticians are more introvert. As such, how can they deal with more extrovert business partners from other functions?
  • Relationships are key for influencing without authority. Trust is key for building these relationships. What can statisticians do, to generate more trust?
  • Networking is another aspect of building relationships. What actions to take to build networks?
  • Many of us work in virtual settings to some extent. This poses additional barriers on influencing others as it is much harder to be heard and understood. Which techniques can we apply to overcome these hurdles?

Finally, we have curated the best of Julias content from her blog at in terms of leadership, which you can download here:

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About Julia Carter (MRPharmS, MCIPD)

Director, Zestfor Ltd.

Julia has over 24 years experience in the blue-chip corporate world with more than 15 years in learning and development roles. She has designed and delivered management and employee development programmes for all levels of employees including Senior Managers and Directors throughout the UK and Europe, and across the globe.Julia is a hands on, highly motivating training professional and coach who passionately believes every individual can be the person they really want to be when they are given the right tools, support and direction to get there.

Qualifications & Accreditations: Certified Online Learning Facilitator, Insights® Licensed Practitioner, Certified Career Coach, CIPD qualified in CTP, Strengthscope® Practitioner, EQ-i 2.0 /EQ 360 Certification, Belbin, MBTI, MRPharmS – Qualified Pharmacist, and BPharm(Hons) – Bachelor of Pharmacy, King’s College, London.

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