4 steps to engage successfully with senior stakeholders and committees

Do you currently run an initiative?
Do you want to get support or budget for an initiative?
Do you want to change the design or analyses of a study?
Do you need to run it past a committee or a senior person?

In this episode, I talk about these 4 important advice if you want to engage with key people in your organization:

  1. Anticipate
    • Be clear on your goals
    • Where is the stakeholder now
    • Prepare slides and review these from the audience perspective
    • Create potentially a pre-read
  2. Activate
    • Set the expectations for the meeting
    • Create a common objective depending on what the interest of the stakeholders are
  3. Engage
    • Avoid too long monologues
    • Remove distractions for all participants
    • Get the participants to do something
    • Remind about your key points
    • Anticipate roadblocks and critique
  4. Action
    • Clarify and ask questions
    • Get feedback
    • Amplify key messages
    • Have a specific call to actions
    • Next steps

Listen to this episode now and share this with your friends and colleagues who might learn from it!

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