6 steps to prepare before you want to convince your business partner

Do you have a great idea you want to move forward and you need others to buy in?

Maybe you want to improve a process or implement a new analysis approach. Your business partner might be your study team or your supervisor.

Whenever, we want to change something, we usually need others to agree into the next steps.

Listen to this episode while I discuss the following important points:

  • Believe in yourself
    • Your experience
    • Your education
    • Your intent to move the project/the company forward
    • Do you need to state these to build trust?
  • What is the problem?
    • Tell a story
    • Evoke emotions
    • Reference to the webinar about presentation skills
  • What’s in it for your business partner?
    • Timelines?
    • Budget?
    • Recognition?
  • Can you quantify it?
    • Give a range
    • A guestimate is better than nothing
  • Think about possible objections
    • Address them upfront
    • Again understand your audience
    • Show that you care
  • Provide a call to action
    • What do you want them to do?
    • What do they need to decide?

Listen to this episode and share this with your friends and colleagues!

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