9 learnings from over 100 episodes over 2 years

This is a very special episode. More than 2 years have passed since Benjamin and I started this podcast.

And today, we are looking back and discuss the last 2 year’s learnings. We discuss the 9 learnings we had and how they apply to you as a listener as well. Specifically, we talk about:

  1. Think bigger 
  1. Prepare for the unexpected 
  1. Delegate what you are not good at or what you don’t like 
  1. Have fun
  1. Relationships are the foundation for success 
  1. Be curious and dig deeper 
  1. Our community is big
  1. Unnecessary red tape differs a lot by company 
  1. Growth happens outside your comfort zone 

We need to all step up to improve the impact of statisticians for the benefit of patients.

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