Why and how to declutter and simplify your data visualization

Episode 3

Do you know why is it so important to create a simple yet informative data visualization?
How your design choices impact the visuals?
How small details – like text alignment – influence the overall visualization?
How gestalt principles guide you?

In episode 3 of this mini-series, I discuss the impact of simplified data visualization and how to achieve it. Specifically, I address these factors that affect your visualization:

  • Clutter
  • Mis-alignment
  • Too many elements like
    • Colour
    • Fonts
    • Annotations
    • Header, subheader, sub-subheader
  • “Unnecessary” annotations
    • File names
    • Source data
    • Program name
    • Validation status
  • Understand gestalt principles
    • Proximity
    • Similarity
    • Enclosure
    • Continuity
    • Connection
    • Closure

Learn more on how to create simple but effective data visualization by listening to this podcast and share this with others who might learn from it!

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