Running on 2 legs

Bonus Episode 2 – COVID

What do we need to do as statisticians in this crisis?
Why do we see hardly any people on the news explaining the numbers correctly?

I was asked about what we need to do to be more visible as a function? I talked about many problems in last week’s episode and that triggered some discussions about statisticians and leadership on LinkedIn.

Thus, today, I’m speaking about “Running on 2 legs – my call to action for statisticians to step-up in this COVID pandemic.” Here are some points I’m reflecting about:

  • How can statistician not just reflect on and analyze data, but take the lead on letting the people understand the data
  • What should we do in the short-term
  • What should we do in the long run

Enjoy listening to this episode and be more aware on what we can do to add value to society in this time of pandemic!

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