Reine Escalona

The 4+1 Phases of Learning

In this episode, we merge the worlds of statistics, leadership, and personal growth. I am eager to navigate the “4+1 phases of learning” with you today. This topic, central to our leadership course, particularly targets supervisors but resonates with everyone in a professional setting. It’s crucial for both effective delegation and understanding our personal development …

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Global vs Local

Have you ever wondered about the complexities that arise within pharmaceutical companies due to the division between global and local operations? Why do these realms often operate with such distinct perspectives, and how do they impact our mission to deliver effective healthcare solutions globally? Drawing on my firsthand experiences working on both sides, today I …

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How To Learn And Get Better On Your Influencing Skills

Have you ever wondered what it takes to truly influence others and lead effectively, regardless of your role or expertise? Are you ready to unlock your full potential by mastering the art of active listening, refined presentation skills, and continuous learning in leadership? Do you want to discover practical strategies that can empower you to …

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Obsession About Bias

Have you ever considered that bias might not be as detrimental as it’s often portrayed? What if the quest for precision in your estimates could actually benefit from a careful balance with bias? In this insightful episode, I challenge the traditional view that bias is inherently negative by exploring its relationship with precision. Through examples …

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Aspects of Placebo Response

Have you ever wondered what factors drive the placebo response in clinical trials? Join me today as we uncover the truth behind placebo responses and explore the fascinating factors driving these responses in medical research. We’ll also cover some design aspects to mitigate this response.  Here are the highlights in this episode:

Data Visualisation – A Great Topic For Building Your Reputation

In today’s short Friday episode, I talk about into a topic close to my heart—one that I’ve repeatedly leveraged to enhance my reputation: data visualization. Amidst the complexities of statistical analysis, data visualization stands out as a beacon of clarity. Unlike many other statistical techniques that demand extensive explanation, data visualization speaks for itself. With …

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