Don’t be a victim

Do you actively kill your career without knowing it?

Do others not help you?
Are they making your life hard?
Is your company bad?
Does your compound suck and hinders your work productivity?

A lot of people complain about almost everything.
Statisticians tend to be more on the introvert side and there are discussions that introverts are more likely to have a victim mentality.

According to Jon Gordon, the key is to differentiate between some venting, that we need from time to time, from systemically and constantly complaining.

Take this Power of Positive Leadership Self-Assessment and complete the questions to know your Positivity Quotient Score. By knowing your score you will be able to establish a baseline for growth. You’ll also receive Jon Gordon’s 6 Quick Tips to Help Stop Negativity in It’s Tracks.

You can also find out how negative your attitude has gotten and what you should do about it by taking this quiz: Are you a complainer?

In this episode, Benjamin and I will discuss the following:

  • Ask for advice on how to work together
  • Make proposals of what the manager could do to help with the situation
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Be a role model to others
  • Focus on what you can do
  • Concentrate on changing yourself

Listen to this episode and learn how to avoid victim mentality.

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