How to sell your achievements – actionable advise

Have you ever felt bad about talking about your achievements? Did you ever thought, that you’re just doing your job, when you accomplished something? Did you ever feel, that others didn’t understand, how significant your contribution was?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this episode is for you!

We start the episode with a discussion why it’s important and why it’s so challenging to sell your achievements. 

Furthermore, we discuss these 10 “don’ts”:

  1. Assume, that they know the circumstances
  2. Think, that they know, what you’re working on
  3. Write long paragraphs of text
  4. Forward a long email trail about the story of the success
  5. Believe that good work will always sell itself
  6. Think, that this is just “doing your job”
  7. Tell yourself, that you don’t have time for it
  8. Wait forever to let the project be completely finished
  9. See this as a one-time effort
  10. View selling as icky

As well as these 13 “dos”:

  1. Make it easy for your supervisor to re-use it for higher up management
  2. Be proud about yourself and your achievements
  3. Mention the compound
  4. Mention the impact
  5. Mention the hurdles
  6. What differentiates this from usual results?
  7. What have you done?
  8. Which (possibly unique) skills did you use?
  9. What was the feedback from trusted sources?
  10. What are the wins for the company – financially, timewise, quality?
  11. How does this contributed to achieving the overall goals and the strategy?
  12. Consider to create a LIKE example
  13. What is the win for the department/function? (Increase in visibility; Increase in influence; Reusability; Shared learning)?

Finally, we give you some formulas to apply:

  • Achieved Result By Taking Action
  • Challenges, Obstacles, Steps and Results
  • Situation, Task, Action, Result

Have fun listening and tell your colleagues about it!

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2 thoughts on “How to sell your achievements – actionable advise”

  1. Great discusssion, thanks for all the advice you’ve given on this important and often overlooked topic!

  2. alexanderhschacht

    Hi Charles,

    thanks a lot for the comment. Was there a point, that you found particularly helpful?


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