What statisticians can learn from Leonardo Da Vinci

Interview with Tricia Aanderud

What can you learn from Leonardo Da Vinci on how to put things into perspective?
Do you struggle with data communication?
How important is data visualization?

Storytelling is one of the great leadership skills that play a role in communication. Through stories, you can create alignment and you can influence others. It’s one piece of a puzzle to be an effective statistician.

In this episode, Benjamin and I speak with Tricia Aanderud, a very good data storyteller. Here’s what you can learn from the interview:

  • How to think about the story within the data
  • How to reveal your Aha moments
  • How to get into details while keeping the big picture
  • How to build tension and impact the visualization

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About Tricia Aanderud

Senior Director of Data Visualization and Data Science Practice

Tricia is an enthusiastic leader who is passionate about empowering companies with data visualization, data analytics, and data storytelling. Tricia leads a team of data scientists and data visualization specialists to solve customer analytics problems. She has worked with numerous multinational customers to implement SAS Visual Analytics (including SAS Viya) and SAS EBI toolsets. She has created SAS stored process web applications built on top of Hadoop and Oracle databases created data warehouses from large text files using Big Data best practices.

An accomplished author and speaker, Tricia has co-authored three business intelligence focused books (“Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics,” “The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes” and “Building Business Intelligence Using SAS”). Her writing empowers users with the ideas and skills to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations that create an impact on their organizations. Tricia has been invited to present papers a SAS Global Forum, and many other conferences. Making a dull subject interesting and fun makes is one of her specialties and makes a popular speaker at events. By breaking down complex technical concepts, even non-technical team members can grasp the basics and become key contributors. Most recently Tricia was recognized by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 voices for Data Science and Analytics.

Tricia holds a Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University.

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