Statisticians stepping up – leadership success stories – Part 2

Interview with Shahrul and Anja

  • Do you have great ideas but struggling to implement them?
  • Is having an idea and just being right already good enough?
  • What can you do to convince your supervisor?
  • How can you help others understand your point of view?
  • Do you have the right tools on how to make things work?

In this episode, I’m speaking with two members of The Effective Statistician Leadership program. One is coming from academia and one is from a large pharmaceutical company- they both have interesting and inspiring success stories for you.

Learn from them as we talk about:

  • How to take action to improve your leadership skills
  • How to help others understand your story
  • How to refine things from other’s reaction
  • What impact the improvements in your leadership skills can have on your lives

Listen to this episode now and be inspired to become a leader!

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