My personal lessons from using various data visualizations

To give you an update, I’ll be sharing with you what I have learned from the past year about visualization as I worked a lot of these – the exploratory and explanatory visualization.

These kinds of visualization helped me a lot to open new doors and made me amazingly easy to stand out from other statisticians. In this episode, I am sharing the following points:

  • Visualization help you sell your work
    • Easily understandable
    • Easy to stand out
    • Is fun to create
  • Lots of opportunities beyond our usual graphs
    • Showing the variability
    • Showing the individual patients
    • Scatterplots
    • Line graphs
    • Heatmaps
    • Cumulative distribution functions
    • Histograms or fitted density functions
  • Animations to show changes over time
  • Interactivity to showcase subgroups or different endpoints
  • Produce multiple graphs at once for different audiences 
  • and documents

Listen to this episode and share this with your colleagues!

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