The data ops manifesto from a data science perspective

Interview with Christopher Bergh

Do you feel you’re working like a firefighter?

Do you have the perception, you’re solving the same problems over and over?

Do you worry about ever changing requests from your business partners?

Then you are not alone – not even alone in the pharma world.

In today’s episode, we will talk about the data ops manifesto which addresses such problems. There are actually a couple of such manifestos out there such as the agile manifesto or the dev ops manifesto. These sound similar to Demings 14 principles outlined in his “out of the crisis” publication.

The data ops manifesto can be found here and lists these 18 points – some of which are discussed in more detail in this episode:

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Data Ops Principles:

  • Continually satisfy your customer
  • Value working analytics
  • Embrace change
  • It’s a team sport
  • Daily interactions
  • Self-organize
  • Reduce heroism
  • Reflect
  • Analytics is code
  • Orchestrate
  • Make it reproducible
  • Disposable environments
  • Simplicity
  • Analytics is manufacturing
  • Quality is paramount
  • Monitor quality and performance
  • Reuse
  • Improve cycle times

Christopher Bergh

Head Chef, CEO,
and Founder at datakitchen

Regional Vice President – Model N, COO – LeapFrogRx, CTO and VP Product Management, MarketSoft; various engineering leadership roles at Microsoft, Firefly Network, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and NASA Ames; US Peace Corps, Botswana; Columbia University, University of Wisconsin


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