The Effective Statistician Academy: Call for Trainers!

I am opening doors to expanding the Effective Statistician Academy’s community of experts and I hope you can be part of this journey. The virtual world has certainly opened the doors to learning on a wide-open scale. Unlike before, learning is now easier and more convenient to achieve.

Right now, to make the Effective Statistician Academy’s goals come to a reality, I am calling out to get trainers who have the right skills and the right attitude towards providing help for everyone who wants to do more in healthcare statistics.

Are you a statistician, data scientist, programmer or other quantitative scientist in healthcare?

Are you ready to teach, to lead, and to make a difference? Then I want YOU.

Contact me at or via LinkedIn.

I have a team who will provide you all the support that you need so you can concentrate on what you are best at, and that’s teaching your skills and your experience with the next generation of statisticians following your lead.

I want every learning experience at the Effective Statistician to be interactive and fun.

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Do you want to boost your career as a statistician in the health sector? Our podcast helps you to achieve this by teaching you relevant knowledge about all the different aspects of becoming a more effective statistician.

Because I believe that in statistics, there is more than just about the numbers. With our team, we will make sure that your teaching experience with us is something that will be remarkable not only for you but for your learners as well.

I am all about the experience and the actual application of what our trainees get from each course. So, if you are a trainer who is ready to make a difference by reaching out to the community of enthusiasts of statistics, we can surely work well together.

What can you get from being a part of The Effective Statistician Academy team?

  • You get support from a fully-equipped team who understands how to get your message out. This allows you to focus on teaching and making your lessons more interesting.
  • You get all the personal promotion you can get. You teach with us; you get access to a huge network of statistics enthusiasts.
  • We spearhead the growth of your career through making lessons valuable for everyone who wants to understand the importance of statistics in healthcare.
  • We prepare both online and offline trainings that you can join and reach out to our community.

Ready to become a part of The Effective Statistician Academy?

Contact me today and I will be more than ready to welcome you along with our other highly esteemed trainers. Just write an email to or contact me on my LinkedIn page:


The Effective Statistician Academy: Call For Trainers! 

[00:00:00] Alexander: Welcome to another episode of The Effective Statistician and today I have a really, really great topic. [00:00:10] Today I want to talk about how we can get more training to you as a statistician, as a data scientist, [00:00:20] as a programmer within the world of healthcare. My vision is to make it really, really [00:00:30] easy for people to train others, to help others, to provide education to others, and for people to [00:00:40] consume that.

[00:00:42] Alexander: The academy that I’m building is a collection of all kind [00:00:50] of different trainings. It is there to serve the community of statisticians around the world. I know that many [00:01:00] of us train others all the time. We train people in terms of programming. We train people in terms [00:01:10] of methods. We train people in terms of how to succeed in our organizations.

[00:01:18] Alexander: How to have a great [00:01:20] career. How to negotiate. All kind of different things. And I want to provide This training to [00:01:30] everybody in the world. I know that everybody has a different style of training and [00:01:40] everybody has a different preferences in terms of learning. And so I want to. Provide a rich experience. I want to make it [00:01:50] really easy for people to become a trainer and I want to make it easy for people to become trained.

[00:01:59] Alexander: And [00:02:00] therefore I build a little team in the background that makes this work. So the only thing basically you need to come [00:02:10] with is your experience and slides that you want to show. And then my team takes care of [00:02:20] everything else. We set up the recordings. We make sure that. Your slides look great. We can, you know, help you with making sure the slides [00:02:30] look really, really good, have a nice branding, all these kinds of different things.

[00:02:34] Alexander: We help with scheduling recordings. We help with scheduling [00:02:40] training sessions with the community. We help with all the Organizational, logistical things we help with. Also marketing [00:02:50] everything so that it is really, really easy for the trainers and of course, on the other hand, also easy for the [00:03:00] community to learn.

[00:03:01] Alexander: Now I know that there’s a lot of different. Online training sources all around. Yeah, it [00:03:10] is so easy just to record, you know, some sessions and whatsoever. Yes, I will also have these pure [00:03:20] online recordings and I want to offer more than that. I want to make sure that people can also directly [00:03:30] interact with the trainers.

[00:03:31] Alexander: So most of the courses will not be pure online self learning, but [00:03:40] will be courses where you can interact with the trainers. And for the trainers so that they actually see [00:03:50] real statisticians, programmers, data scientists, and get feedback from them directly. We can have various [00:04:00] different formats for that.

[00:04:01] Alexander: So one format is, for example, a general Q& A, where everybody that is in the course [00:04:10] can ask any question to the trainer. And these can be quite fun, especially for things where there’s always some new [00:04:20] questions coming up. So the second is, we will have. Live trainings that are then recorded. That is one of my favorite ways [00:04:30] actually to set up trainings We don’t pre record it, but we actually live record it.

[00:04:37] Alexander: That is much more fun and for the people [00:04:40] that Participate in the first course, they also have the ability to directly interact with the trainer. There will [00:04:50] surely be further kind of hybrid things, where there are self learning modules and there are modules that [00:05:00] are trained, either in bigger groups, in smaller groups, or potentially even in additional one to one training.

[00:05:08] Alexander: And that will [00:05:10] make it a really, really good course. rich experience and much better than the usual online training courses. [00:05:20] My experience with these pure self learning courses is not the best. Very often we [00:05:30] purchase these and then we never get to finish them. Yeah, if you look into statistics for online self learning courses, [00:05:40] the completion rate is I think about something like 3 to 5 percent or something like this low.

[00:05:46] Alexander: It’s really, really bad. And so with [00:05:50] this. interactive parts, we can actually make sure that there’s an incentive and that there’s a better learning experience [00:06:00] so that people actually make it to the end. Because like in medicine, the therapy can only work [00:06:10] if it is applied and taken and of course Lessons and learnings can only get into your brain and [00:06:20] into your skill set if you actually complete the trainings.

[00:06:25] Alexander: Of course, we will have a lot of feedback loops so [00:06:30] that we continuously improve these trainings over time.

[00:06:37] Alexander: We will start with [00:06:40] trainings in English, because that is our kind of language, Franca, that is kind of the language that nearly everybody talks, [00:06:50] and we will also allow people So if you rather wanna teach in France, French, or in [00:07:00] Spanish, or in Italian, or in Portuguese, or in Chinese, or whatever, let me know.

[00:07:08] Alexander: And we can make [00:07:10] these things happen. So that We provide the best experience possible. Now, why should you become a [00:07:20] trainer in the Effective Statistician Academy? Well, first, just give back to the community. We all have received so much from [00:07:30] the community. And I think it is so great. To give back. To help others with your knowledge and leverage your existing [00:07:40] trainings that you already have.

[00:07:41] Alexander: Have a bigger impact. Second, make yourself more widely known and create a branding around yourself. [00:07:50] All these promotions that my team is doing for the Effective Statistician Academy, all that will also [00:08:00] shine a light on you as a trainer. Through that, that is the third point, you can also help your organization [00:08:10] become more visible.

[00:08:11] Alexander: If you want to attract more clients, if you want to attract more employees, [00:08:20] then this can be a big part of your employer branding or of your company branding. [00:08:30] Fourth. A teacher always learns. So, if you help others and [00:08:40] train others, you will improve your knowledge, the depth of your knowledge that you talk about, and you will improve [00:08:50] your skills in terms of presentations and things like this.

[00:08:55] Alexander: And that is the last thing next thing, you can become a much [00:09:00] better communicator. Everybody that joins this academy as a trainer will get [00:09:10] additional training in terms of how to communicate well, how to present well, how to make the [00:09:20] training really, really great. And that will not only help you for The actual training in the community, in the academy, but also for [00:09:30] all the other presentations that you will get, for all your future trainings.

[00:09:34] Alexander: And believe me, over a career, you will do a lot of these. [00:09:40] Next point is, you can join. this group of all the trainers and network with each other. And believe [00:09:50] me, networking with such a group of amazing people will definitely help you with your career, with your personal growth, with your career growth, [00:10:00] with making more of What you have with achieving bigger things in your career, [00:10:10] irrespective of where you are in academia, in a CRO, in a sponsor organization, or whether you just lead your own company and you’re a [00:10:20] freelancer.

[00:10:21] Alexander: This will definitely help. Last but not least. And of course, parts of this training will be [00:10:30] free and some parts will not be for free. And so for all the money, I will just split it 50 [00:10:40] 50 with the trainers. That way I want to give back and that way I can ensure that there is good [00:10:50] visibility to the community.

[00:10:53] Alexander: Good services to the trainers, all these kinds of different things. I really love when [00:11:00] everything is for free. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. And in order to make something that is [00:11:10] sustainable over time, I think you absolutely need to have Something that is some kind of money involvement, because that makes sure [00:11:20] that there’s bills are paid and that people that work on it can set things up in a professional way.

[00:11:27] Alexander: So if you want to become a trainer, [00:11:30] if you want to share things about technical skills like S Demands, Bayes, non parametrics, [00:11:40] whatsoever, or if you want to share about non technical trainings like how the industry is working, how Pricing is working in the [00:11:50] industry, how you can best work together with senior management, whatsoever.

[00:11:57] Alexander: Everything that helps statisticians, data [00:12:00] scientists, and programmers in being more effective in what they do. Is welcome to this academy. Just send an email [00:12:10] to academy at the effective statistician dot com and then we will work together to make sure that there’s a great training [00:12:20] provided to the people.

[00:12:21] Alexander: We will also have very soon an online kick off for all these new trainers. Because I want all [00:12:30] the trainers to go through this process together. To help each other with kind of different tasks that are coming up. So that we can effectively [00:12:40] help each other, learn from each other and have a great experience.

[00:12:44] Alexander: together in building the effective statistician academy. So once [00:12:50] again, just send an email to academy at the effective statistician. com if you want to become part of this academy.


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