Wonderful Wednesdays – Data Visualization

Interview with Rachel Phillips and Mark Baillie

  • Do you effectively communicate complex data?
  • How can visualization help you when you aree
    • analyzing data?
    • reporting data?
  • What initiatives and groups work on this topic and will help you?

In today’s episode, we talk about the advantages of using visualizations when analyzing and communicating data. We also discuss the following points:

  • How our organizations prioritize visualizations?
  • What we love about visualizations?
  • What are the principles of visualization statisticians should know about?
  • How to create interesting, innovative, and purposeful visualizations?

Listen to this episode to learn more on visualizations and share this with others who might learn from it!

About Mark Baillie

Advanced Methodology and Data Science, Clinical Development and Analytics. Novartis Pharma AG

Mark is a methodologist supporting the clinical development and analytics department at Novartis. He has a focus on data visualization working on a number of internal and external initiatives to improve the reporting of clinical trials and observational studies.

Mark Baillie on LinkedIn

About Rachel Phillips

Rachel Phillips was awarded a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in 2018 to undertake her PhD at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on the reporting and analysis of adverse events in pharmacological RCTs and developing statistical methods to better identify adverse drug reactions. Prior to this, Rachel worked as a clinical trial statistician for 7 years in the UK and Singapore across a range of disease areas.

Rachel Phillips homepage


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