RWE demystified – an interview with Imi Dean

  • Real world evidence (RWE)
  • Big data
  • Real world data (RWD)
  • Pragmatic studies

There are lots of buzzwords floating around and especially with the FDA having a bigger focus on RWE it’s top of mind for many stakeholders. Many teams in the different pharma organizations concentrate on this type of evidence.

Imi works on such data daily and I’ve worked on observational studies since 2004. In this podcast episode, we will explain some of these topics, bust some myths and help you understand how this data fits into the bigger picture.

Listen to this episode and become an effective statistician!

Imi Dean

Senior Data Scientist (RWD) | Epidemiologist | Oncology & Rare Disease

He is an Epidemiologist and data scientist who is incredibly passionate about evidence-based medicine, elegant study design and scientifically robust analysis. He’s experienced in planning, conducting and analysing both real-world and interventional study data utilizing a wide variety of methods.

His current main areas of interest are how real-world data can be used to speed up drug development in the rare disease space, novel study designs, mining large biomedical datasets and comparative analysis in both interventional and non-interventional settings.

He has a high degree of statistical expertise and can code in Python, Teradata, Spotfire, SQL SAS and R.

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He experienced in the authoring of different technical publications including study protocols, statistical analysis plans and final study reports, most of which have been used in a regulatory context as well as academic publications.

He has been fortunate to work in a relatively wide range of settings including responding to the recent Ebola epidemic as part of the WHO, the pharmaceutical industry and in academia. He has also consulted for start-ups working in the health care space.

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