How and why to increase your external profile!

Interview with Liz Cole

Do you know what your external profile is?

Do you know how to improve it?

In today’s episode, Liz Cole and I will dive deep into a topic called content marketing. It’s kind of meta, since this podcast itself originates on these ideas. Does this sound frightening or disturbing? It shouldn’t. 

Listen to our conversation and understand:

  • What is content marketing?
  • Why is this relevant for statisticians working in CROs, pharma or as consultants? 
  • How can content help CROs or consultants win more business? 
  • How can content help you attract candidates to your team and stand out as an employer?
  • How can content help to boost your personal profile? 
  • What are the barriers that stop people from implementing content marketing and how we overcome these barriers?  
  • What actions do you recommend should statisticians start with?
  • What resources do you recommend helping with content creation and content marketing? 

References:  for infographics for slide decks, reports, graphics for transcriptions ( human transcription)  – AI transcriptions  for self-editing and proofreading  for editorial calendars how to start a podcast

Liz Cole

Independent Marketing Consultant for Biopharma Services & Tech

Liz has been driving growth in the biopharmaceutical service sector for over 20 years.  She has worked across the pharmaceutical product life cycle for a variety of high-growth companies in high- profile sales and marketing roles.  Specialising in marketing planning, social media, content marketing, events, and PR, Liz also brings her extensive direct sales experience to her highly effective marketing work. Liz is Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified and has a track record of successful lead and revenue generation.

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